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31/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.


A month in and it’s been harder than I thought – what should be a simple process (photo, upload, blog) seems to be taking over my whole being – a couple of hours most nights, and more at the weekend…

Having said all that, I think it’s been worth it so far – not too many tantrums, and I’m learning aspects of photography not tried before, so all in all, good stuff!

To celebrate all this I’ve reverted back to type and taken a photo of a statue – this time of a Jester in sunny Stratford upon Avon – I love this pic, but unfortunately the ones of P were a bit rushed and have turned out rather pants – not so hasty next time, even if the money has run out on the parking 😉

Only 11 months left!



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30/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

A day of both sunlight and moonlight 🙂

I was up before the lark this morning – assistant P had a day off from sitting in the car and waiting for me, and was off with Annie (hello!) at some ungodly hour – the moon was out, as was Mars, and I was dragged out of bed kicking and screaming to take some pictures. It was harder than I thought, but you can see both the moon and Mars, so job done 😀

With daylight came sunlight, so to make the most of it I drove off to Warwick – it’s a fab little place, with some really picturesque little spots, and a wonderful old postbox which may well feature in a future episode of project 365 – I wont say too much at this moment but P had better polish up her climbing skills 😉

This is another through the viewfinder shot – I’d modified the setup (trade secret ;)) in the morning and the pictures worked a treat – very happy!


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29/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

What a day!

Work was pretty run of the mill, but Fridays are always great as we get to leave at 12 !!
I was worried the afternoon would be a washout, as on the way home I was pelted with hail – not a good sign, really, but the sun soon popped it’s head out, and it was time to grab camera and run.

Not before, however, taking delivery of some more of my strobist gear – I thought I’d ordered the wrong stuff as the parcel that arrived was the size of a small coffin (no joke!) Fortunately it constituted mostly of little bags of air – freely donated it seems – and the new equipment doesn’t need a second garage to store it 🙂

We bobbed down to Spitfire Island, site of the WWII spitfire factory (and now part of Jaguar), where this little monument is mounted on the central roundabout. Luckily for me the sky was terrific and the drivers were more intent on getting home than killing me as I navigated my way onto the island itself – point to note, dual carriageway roundabouts on a Friday afternoon can be a bit tricky 😀

The pics turned out well though!

Ooh I nearly forgot – one of my pics will be appearing in the Birmingham Mail on February 4th – well chuffed 😀


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28/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Happy Days!

I got my ‘better’ camera back from Canon today, and it is fixed 😀

The lens stopped working properly over Christmas, but I had to send the whole lot back to get it sorted. As a result I’ve been without it since pretty much the beginning of the project. Not that the backup isn’t any good , but it’s not just the same – (the backup is actually smaller and lighter, and normally that’d be a good thing right? Nooooo!)

The pic today illustrates the extremes of my (obsession) photography at the moment – the Zeiss Ikon was made in the 1930’s and belonged to my Great Grandfather – it has a film in it and despite it being a bit battered, I’m hoping that the pics come out – maybe this weekend! They’ll come out square – how cool!!


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27/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

It’s January, it’s a workday, and it’s far too north (!) for P’s liking – it all boils down to one thing: it’s too cold and dark to be wandering about outside with a camera once the working day is done. The solution is therefore to stay inside with the flash and whatever is lying about the kitchen 🙂

I was going to leave it colour, but then thought, no, it’s better black and white- decisions decisions! In the end, I’ve gone for a bit of both – a duotone / sepia effect.

Now, what to do tomorrow??


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26/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

As my photographic assistant has deserted me for an evening of modern jive today, and short of any other willing victim subject, I’ve had to resort to taking pictures of myself in the hope that my portrait / flash photography will improve. I do apologise – but I have intentionally cropped off the top half of my head to save you from the sight of my bald pate, so be thankful for that at least 😛

This evenings workout shows I have a lot to learn unfortunately – I’ve managed to salvage something, but it needed a close crop and black and white to help hide all the crappy bits. But it’s only the start of the journey 🙂

The camera in the pic is my latest favourite toy, and dates from the 1960’s – it’s in pretty good nick, and I’m hoping the photos it takes aren’t bad too – we shall see pretty soon…


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25/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

The happiness continues, despite it being a Monday and me having to go to work 🙂

It does help with two bits of good news – firstly my newer camera is back in the shop after being (hopefully) fixed by Canon, and my replacement Christmas present has finally turned up 😀

The picture is of said present – not the plane unfortunately, but the scanner. It does mean that I’ll finally be able to look at some of the film (some people still use it!!) that I’ve shot over the past 6 months.

The plane pic (a Fairey Gannet for those interested) was taken in Speyer in September, so not technically part of the project, but it was only scanned in today, so you’ll forgive me I’m sure 😉 It utilises a technique called redscale where a normal colour film is fed through the camera backwards giving it the funky red colour – I like it! The scanner picture was taken today, and therefore qualifies 110% 🙄 for the project, so I’m not cheating at all!!


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24/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

I feel I have to apologise for my behaviour of late – far too much negativity and a bit too much moaning too. From now on I’m going to be a bouncing ball of jollity and fun, a veritable Mr Happy!

It’s always good to wake up to the sun, and this morning was one of those days – I’d even rattled off a contender before breakfast!! To make things better, by 12 I’d done the grown up stuff I had to do and even got the motorbike started – it was a bit too cold to go for a ride, but at least it turned over (once I’d remembered to pull out the choke:))

After that, the day was ours – and despite it the sun disappearing, it was time to go out with camera in hand – this time to a new cemetery I’d scouted with the help of flickr. Photo assistant P got out the car this time and recce’d (is that even a word) the the best bits for me – it was angel-tastic!! (you’ll probably find out in the course of the year that I have a strange fascination with statues of angels – I’ll try not to bore you too much!) And we even saw the first snowdrops of the year – hurrah!

Today’s photo was a toss up between a few contenders, and was nearly this. I like both, but prefer the effect of the brief bit of sun silhouetting the angel.


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23/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Bloody hell!

This is the second weekend where my two days of joy and pleasure have been totally washed out by boring grown up stuff – even, it seemed, the world conspired against me – a short trip to B&Q took the better part of 2 hours due to some rather bizarre traffic conditions in the surrounds of Brum.

The only saving grace was I found myself driving alongside a real life clown at one point – complete with red nose and comedy car (I don’t think the car was supposed to be part of the act, it just looked as though it would fall apart at any minute :)) Unfortunately I didn’t have a camera to hand, otherwise that would have been pic of the day,

You’ll have to make do with a close up of my bathroom wall instead – unfortunately this one doesn’t have a red nose, but I liked the pattern!


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22/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Well I’m mobile again!

Today was spent mostly getting very wet, very frustrated and very skint! We picked up my new bike just as the heavens opened, and my first ride out to check they’d put it together properly saw me squeezing between huge busses and even bigger puddles 😯 – not really very good .

Then when I got home, none of the bits I’d bought for it fitted properly (again I’m not letting the truth get in the way of a good story, but it isn’t far off ;)) – I’ve got this fab light stick gizmo thing – brilliant, if only I could attach it to my bike somehow 😦 – I think they forgot about that during the design stage.

Anyhoo, this is one of the better pictures of the bike (it’s not particularly sexy with mudguards and panniers, so a detail shot was the order of the day) – it only took me an hour of rolling round the floor to get the right angle – oh how I suffer for my art :D!

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