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7/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

The first week of Project 365 is over, but the day didn’t start well.

Looking out across the back garden this morning I saw a strange set of footprints in the garden – odd, thought I, P’s not here so who is filling up the bird feeders? Then I noticed they only went one way, and started in the corner of the garden – odder and odder! Only after a bit of wondering and wandering did I realise it wasn’t a friendly neighbour concerned for the plight of wild birds in the area, but a less welcome type of local who only had one thought in his pea sized mind – the theft of my bike. Unfortunately he was successful, and it hasn’t been seen since.

This rather large cloud has a sliver of a silver lining however – by the time the local police had popped round it was light enough to take a few photos! I tried a few CSI style forensic shots, but the policeman was right, despite there being nice footprints, they were difficult to photograph and alas didn’t make the grade. I had to rely on the walk to the bus stop to provide a few opportunities, even though I was really rather late, sorry boss!

Old faithful is still there, but I liked the ones of the icicles the best – hope you do too!



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