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10/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

I learnt a valuable lesson today – always make sure you read instructions properly!

The day had started off in a bit of a rush – getting out to the Flickrmeet at 12 o’clock should really have been no problem, but I had to wash my hair.

(For those wondering what on earth I’m on about, a Flickrmeet is where groups of photographers, in this case in the Birmingham area, meet up and take photos of a particular local (un)attraction/area/theme – a different topic/place each month.)

After that I then couldn’t find a parking space in town, and then , to top it off, I turned up at the wrong coffee shop in Birmingham – not really very good. Maybe I should have read the postings a bit more thoroughly.

Fortunately it all came good in the end, and I managed to catch up with the group at the library, but unfortunately only after I’d complicated things further by getting a couple of bags of shopping on the way – it’s not particularly easy taking photos with a plastic bag in one hand, but I think I managed just about.

Today’s photo is of Gormley’s Iron:Man, in Victoria Square, Birmingham – it was a close contest between this and this one of Paradise Forum, but I thought the snowy theme fitted in well with the general mood of the day, and in some ways, this is what the project is all about – not only new and experimental, but also recording a year in pictures.

Back to work tomorrow, so that’s the end of daylight (!) photos for the moment – although as I’ve said before, there is always Lidl!

’til tomorrow.



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  1. Not sure about them today.

  2. Oh no! Disaster! That’s the second less than positive reaction from the photos – it’s all downhill from here it seems 😉

    It is the beauty of the flickrmeet though, pushing you outside your normal comfort zone – I don’t normally ‘do’ concrete, but I actually quite like them.

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