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24/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

I feel I have to apologise for my behaviour of late – far too much negativity and a bit too much moaning too. From now on I’m going to be a bouncing ball of jollity and fun, a veritable Mr Happy!

It’s always good to wake up to the sun, and this morning was one of those days – I’d even rattled off a contender before breakfast!! To make things better, by 12 I’d done the grown up stuff I had to do and even got the motorbike started – it was a bit too cold to go for a ride, but at least it turned over (once I’d remembered to pull out the choke:))

After that, the day was ours – and despite it the sun disappearing, it was time to go out with camera in hand – this time to a new cemetery I’d scouted with the help of flickr. Photo assistant P got out the car this time and recce’d (is that even a word) the the best bits for me – it was angel-tastic!! (you’ll probably find out in the course of the year that I have a strange fascination with statues of angels – I’ll try not to bore you too much!) And we even saw the first snowdrops of the year – hurrah!

Today’s photo was a toss up between a few contenders, and was nearly this. I like both, but prefer the effect of the brief bit of sun silhouetting the angel.


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  1. I like the snowdrop photo.Then the garlanded one.Can’t quite make out the angel one.

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