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59/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Breakfast snack!

Not really much to say about this, apart from the fact it was very nice, I didn’t eat it all myself, and I may not need to eat for a least a couple of hours 😀

Described as a ‘hot cross bun loaf’ it was really rather nice toasted with just a smidgen of butter 😉 – apparently two slices equate to a portion of fruit and veg – that’s me done and dusted for today then!

The rain has thankfully stopped, but it’s still too gloomy to be outside taking photos, but there does appear to be a change in the garden – in the next few days crocuses (or should that be crocai?) will be popping out. It’ll be my subject for at least one shot providing the lawn dries out enough for me to start rolling around on it with my macro lens. Roll on summer!



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58/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

What a grey day…

Up until the point I have taken all my photos, and then the sun comes out!

I don’t mind really, I’ve had a productive day sorting out some of the film I’ve taken recently (well, actually not that recently, most of it is from last year!!) It may well appear in my Flickr stream in the near future – I’m sure you can’t wait 😉

The picture is of rain on the lounge window, the colour reflecting mood of the day weatherwise – it’s been hammering down pretty much since I got up. I ran downstairs when the sun came out a minute ago hoping to repeat the pic with a blue sky background, but typically the raindrops on the window have all disappeared- boo!

Off to watch the rugby now – the proper stuff, not union 😀


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57/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Strangely drawn to trees again today!

Firstly I have to apologise if you had trouble with yesterdays photo – I couldn’t decide which was the best photo, so ended up replacing the official photo a number of times – Flickr got rather confused, and as a result failed to link properly to the blog, which in turn confused me no end 😦 The page is fixed now though 🙂

I was going to spend a bit more time trying to get a ‘different’ sort of shot today, but after cycling into town to get my bike serviced I was pretty knackered, so just wandered up to old faithful for a couple of pics – speaking of knackered, I’m so hard core that I managed to wear out both sets of brake blocks on my new bike in a month 😯

These trees are the result of Birmingham Council’s sympathetic pruning policy- they were done in the summer last year, and are now just showing signs of recovery – they look like some evil Disney cartoon. Todays pic could have been this, but I thought I’d save old faithful for another time 😉


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56/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Can you tell who it is yit?

No they haven’t really put a statue of P (yes, for it is her) outside a colliery near St Helens 😀

The real statue, called ‘Dream’ really is outside a disused colliery, and looks like this – it’s a sort of ‘Angel of the North West’ and can be seen from the M62 as you whizz past. With a bit of photo manipulation, and a portrait shot of P with my new ‘Nifty Fifty’ the result is what you see. Not bad for a first attempt methinks.

Although the original shot was taken last year, the portrait shot was taken today, so I haven’t broken any project rules – just in case some of you were worried 😉


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55/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Another food shot, another temptation….

This time I was strong however, and the set remained untouched until the photo had been completed 😀

Indeed they are still unmolested, but unfortunately, will soon be sacrificed into a steaming bowl of rice pudding – home made by P’s fair hand – I’ll not be going back to ambrosia! The chocolate drops have been hanging around for ages, purchased in the US of A, and I’d forgotten about them to be honest – but on rummaging in the ‘tin of evil’ this evening I re-discovered them, and the stripy ones especially look pretty cool – hence the photo!

You won’t be able to tell, but the shot was taken with the aid of my new acquisition – yet another tripod! I know I know, but it had to be done – this one is bigger, better, sturdier (all good!) and heavier (er, not so good!)

I think I’m officially obsessed 😀


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54/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

You’ll be happy to know abstract Tuesday is back!

After being sidetracked by a stack of pancakes last week I vowed to myself that I’d keep the faith – so for the foreseeable future the pictures on a Tuesday will make no sense at all! Hopefully they’ll just look pretty 🙂

Unlike the previous examples of gaudy coloured patternation, this one has used no Photoshop magic to achieve the effect, it was all done old skool – with proper light and everything.

For those interested, I used two off camera flashes, each with a different coloured gel, firing on different parts of the subject.

As with all Tuesday projects, I’m not going to tell you what it is, and leave you with the parting words:

Can you tell what it is yit? 😀


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53/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

I’ve always liked the idea of food photography, but today I realised I may have a problem if I pursued it as a career…

It seemed like a good idea at the time: cook tea (note, not dinner :)) then take some photographs of said food.

What I hadn’t factored into the equation was the fact I was starving by the time the food was ready, and my patience in setting up the shot vanished along with the heat from the food.

I took some piccies, but the temptation was too great! The food was munched when really I should have been playing with apertures, snoots and backgrounds – I hang my head in shame 😦 As a result the picture isn’t quite what I had in mind, but it didn’t turn out too badly.

What is more, the rather large glass of wine I imbibed with the meal has left me struggling with the important bit of uploading and the associated blogging – I do apologise if this makes no sense at all – it tasted very nice if that is any consolation 😀

Until tomorrow!


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52/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

More snow again today! But alas, the really rather slushy kind 😦

By the time we’d come out of the cinema (Micmacs, a French subtitled film on a Sunday morning, fantastic!)  it was well on the way to being almost completely gone. On the way back we popped round to see Blakesley Hall – just round the corner from us in Yardley – we’ve never actually been to it when it’s been open, and it wasn’t today 😀 I only really wanted a couple of pics, so nae problemo!

Unfortunately with the locked gates it is quite difficult to any other angle than this – and even this was taken by poking the lens through the railings whilst trampling a flower bed – but I like the out of focus herringbone pattern of the house in the background with the holly in the foreground.

There’s a longshot here, so you can see what the house is like properly 🙂


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51/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

The sun is out 🙂

And it is almost warm – outside without a coat on!

I’ve always liked close up shots of plants, messing about with bits of the picture in and out of focus (depth of field to us technical types) – so today I was making the most of the sun taking a couple of what would have been flower shots if I could have got to the few blooms in the garden without sinking into the lawn – as it was, there was an old clematis that was catching the light nicely (what’s left is not a flower unfortunately), and more importantly, next to the relative dry stability of the path.

A couple of water droplets later (is that cheating?) and bingo! Today’s photo.

If it’s not picturesque enough, then there’s a couple more of Annie’s lovely bouquet 1 2.


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50/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Wow! That’s 50 not out (days into the project!) – a decent score in anyone’s book – so I’m pretty happy.

We’d had to pop out this afternoon to take the van back to it’s home, and while we were a-wandering around south Birmingham we decided to head off towards Tanworth in Arden (although it proved difficult at first as I mistakenly thought we were headed towards Tamworth in Arden and couldn’t understand why the sat-nav didn’t work- deary me today!).

It’d been recommended by a few people as being a place of particular beauty – they were right, but as in a lot of cases, it improved when the sun came out. Fortunately for us it did so for about 10 minutes and I was able to snap a couple of shots. They’re not the most cutting edge or inventive, but I love the light in this one, and the snow makes it more interesting.

Lets see what tomorrow brings!

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