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55/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Another food shot, another temptation….

This time I was strong however, and the set remained untouched until the photo had been completed 😀

Indeed they are still unmolested, but unfortunately, will soon be sacrificed into a steaming bowl of rice pudding – home made by P’s fair hand – I’ll not be going back to ambrosia! The chocolate drops have been hanging around for ages, purchased in the US of A, and I’d forgotten about them to be honest – but on rummaging in the ‘tin of evil’ this evening I re-discovered them, and the stripy ones especially look pretty cool – hence the photo!

You won’t be able to tell, but the shot was taken with the aid of my new acquisition – yet another tripod! I know I know, but it had to be done – this one is bigger, better, sturdier (all good!) and heavier (er, not so good!)

I think I’m officially obsessed 😀



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  1. They look good enough to eat.Is that a caramel one in the foreground.?We dont get those here.

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