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57/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Strangely drawn to trees again today!

Firstly I have to apologise if you had trouble with yesterdays photo – I couldn’t decide which was the best photo, so ended up replacing the official photo a number of times – Flickr got rather confused, and as a result failed to link properly to the blog, which in turn confused me no end 😦 The page is fixed now though 🙂

I was going to spend a bit more time trying to get a ‘different’ sort of shot today, but after cycling into town to get my bike serviced I was pretty knackered, so just wandered up to old faithful for a couple of pics – speaking of knackered, I’m so hard core that I managed to wear out both sets of brake blocks on my new bike in a month 😯

These trees are the result of Birmingham Council’s sympathetic pruning policy- they were done in the summer last year, and are now just showing signs of recovery – they look like some evil Disney cartoon. Todays pic could have been this, but I thought I’d save old faithful for another time 😉


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  1. Now this is the subject I like.Trees!!

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