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59/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Breakfast snack!

Not really much to say about this, apart from the fact it was very nice, I didn’t eat it all myself, and I may not need to eat for a least a couple of hours 😀

Described as a ‘hot cross bun loaf’ it was really rather nice toasted with just a smidgen of butter 😉 – apparently two slices equate to a portion of fruit and veg – that’s me done and dusted for today then!

The rain has thankfully stopped, but it’s still too gloomy to be outside taking photos, but there does appear to be a change in the garden – in the next few days crocuses (or should that be crocai?) will be popping out. It’ll be my subject for at least one shot providing the lawn dries out enough for me to start rolling around on it with my macro lens. Roll on summer!


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  1. Does look appetising.
    Sounds like our favourite,raisin loaf.A friend likes it toasted with butter and cinnamon-sugar on it.

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