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90/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Playing with food again!

Learning from the Pi shot, this time I took various steps to ensure that, one, the sauce was the correct colour, and two, the correct thickness – all done by adding in a bit of Tomato Ketchup 😀 Unfortunately it didn’t help the smell, and I nearly vommed once or twice – don’t know why as I don’t actively dislike the spag, and could quite easily live on beans (is it the same sauce, who knows!), but this stuff turned me green – not particularly good!

I didn’t eat the prop this time – terribly wasteful I know!



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Another abstract Tuesday 🙂

This is despite being terribly tired, and having almost some form of life outside photography and work 🙂 If I told you I was out working towards being a fire breather would you believe me??

There’s not much really to say here – it’s supposed to be getting warmer and lighter ….. at least one of them is happening , but the weather seems going downhill if this evenings rain and the cold is anything to go by – I had to defrost in the bath for an hour when I got back from work 😀

On to tomorrow!


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88/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

It’s more difficult than it looks!

I’ve always fancied taking more portrait style pictures, but after tonight’s efforts I’m not sure that I’m cut out to be a people photographer 😦

The final result isn’t too bad, but it is the only one out of ‘quite a few’ that met the clients approval – when I say ‘client’ I do have to point out that I coerced P into the photoshoot and not the other way around – she was on her way out dancin’ and so in a wee bit of a rush (but not the normal 30 mins late ;))

Having said all that, I’m in a new positive frame of mind, so I shall be doing a lot more of this type of stuff – you only get better by practice as Roy Castle used to say, but whether any more will appear on the blog is anyone’s guess.

That’s it for me tonight, I’m off to have my tea!


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87/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Breakfast for a Sunday 🙂

Just what the doctor ordered after drinking a little too much wine last night 😉

I’d had good intentions for today’s pic – there are huge patches of daffs on the roadside round us at the moment, so we wandered up the road after brunch, but unfortunately the pics never came out quite as well as I had hoped – partly to do with the accumulation of crisp packets and other assorted detritus, and partly down to the fact that sometimes shots just don’t come out how you imagine. We even wandered along to the church to get some “daff with church in the background” type shots (I know, how predictable :)), but were scuppered by the fact there were no daffs in the park – how dare they!

So you’re left with a food shot – it’s something I’m going to explore a bit in the next few months being inspired from reading the cookbooks of  Tessa Kiros where the photography is simply sunning – this one is of our brunch, eaten in the PM due to the hour change – how decadent 😀


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86/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

I’ve been terribly lax these past few days 😦

Life has had a terrible habit of getting in the way of my posting and blogging this week – quite what I’d do if I had any semblance of a real social life is anyone’s guess 😉 This is the second picture this week which has been uploaded late, but the photo was taken on the correct day 🙂

Today has been mostly spent getting bits and bobs from the shops and preparing a bit of a dinner – thanks to my mate Nigel (Slater, and no, I don’t really know him) the evening was a success – the plum tart was particularly fantastic – I shall have to remember that, and maybe even do a rhubarb version – yum!

Today’s pic is of an onion discovered in the veg rack – it seems that Spring has sprung in the house as well as the garden!


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85/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

The garden is looking Daffelicious!

I have to apologise for the abundance of flower photographs, but I am supposed to be going into town this afternoon (and spookily a text has just come in as I write this….) so I can’t hang about. I won’t apologise too much however, as the garden is looking particularly improved at the moment, with everything bursting into life at a rate of knots. Not everything in the garden is roses (see what I did there!) unfortunately, we had a rather large cordyline in garden, but following the recent snow it hasn’t looked too healthy – trimming the dead leaves off this afternoon we realised it was probably past it, as the entire leaf section came off in P’s hand! – not really very good 😦

Anyhoo – must dash 🙂


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84/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

It was a quick one!

I had to get out of the house in a rush tonight, as I had a meeting with destiny 🙂 Through the magic of facebook (thankyou Sarah!) I learnt that the fantastic Half Man Half Biscuit were playing in Shrewsbury that night, and I managed to procure (that’s a complete lie, P managed to procure for me 🙂 ) a returned ticket for the concert. I didn’t have much time for messing around with cameras, so an iPod tribute is the answer.

The road trip was one of those journeys where I thought I’d never get there – huge queues on the M6, torrential downpour on the M54 and a sudden desperate need for the loo 😦 It was the latter that troubled the most, but just when I was about to pull off onto the hard shoulder 😯 a service station saved me, phew!

I got to the venue on time, and even bumped into the friends I was meeting in the foyer – destiny!

The concert was fab, but it has, as P puts it, given me a bad dose of HMHB Tourettes – I keep shouting out random song lyrics all the time – I like it, but I’ll have to keep sharp implements away from P 😀

I do have to ask, Bob Wilson, anchorman?



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83/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Roses for P from Omar Sharif (well actually Cherif :))

After a mare of a ride home tonight, where everyone on the road was trying to kill me, and some of those not even supposed to be on the road!! Three kids ran out in front of me following a football, and I admit, I may have sworn at them 👿 – I may not be a car, but I’d have made a nasty dent in their denser than average bonces! I even got cut up by a bicycle on a roundabout and then had to endure a good 4 inches of his bum crack for the rest of the journey home due to the poor dress sense of certain cyclists round here – not really very nice 😦

The picture is of a bunch of roses bought round by our ex neighbour – they are really quite nice, and I do like the photo 🙂


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82/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

So tired!

And so for Abstract Tuesday a bed inspired theme! Not that you’d know if I didn’t tell you, and thinking about it I may not 😉

This pic uses a ‘Harris Shutter Technique’, and for those of you paying attention, you’ll know that we’ve already had one of these earlier in the year 🙂 I won’t go into the details as it’s faaar tooo booooring, save to say, it took three pics, all of the same thing with a slight movement between each shot, and low and behold, with a bit of computer jiggery pokery (real words!) the shot of the day – which is lucky as I’ve run out of ideas and there is a bottle of wine open – not good 😦 Actually, the bottle of wine is very good – it just doesn’t help with the enthusiastic juices.

I’ll shut up now, as I think I’m babbling 🙂

Oh, it’s a duvet cover 😀


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81/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

I really don’t have the energy today!

So I thought I’d take advantage of the bright sun in the garden (hurrah!) when I got home, to take a couple of ’round the garden shots’  – although, as the direct light was only visible to things that were 6 foot or higher, it consisted mostly of buds and tall randomness rather than my current flower obsession. I even took a relatively good one of the security light!

It should all have been a ‘quick and easy’, but I had mouse trouble – not the furry variety fortunately, but the electrical, non squeaking variety – the pictures were fine, but the mouse caused the computer to crash – my new one doesn’t like Windows 7 apparently! I was relatively calm however, and all is well with the world 😀

Right, that’s me done – now what to have for tea?

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