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120/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Another wangle shot!

Wangle being wide-angle for those who were thinking I was saying something rude 😉 We’ve had this second amaryllis secretly growing in the kitchen, and it popped this week, and it was an all white jobbie, very nice! The pic was quite difficult as it’s blowing a hoolie at the moment in the garden, so one hand was holding said flower, the other holding the camera, so quite how I got it in focus is anyone’s guess – it looks quite good to me, even if it is another flippin flower shot.

Soon after this was taken I had a double disaster – I was trying to carry two lenses to my bag, dropped one, and then dropped the other trying to catch the first – successfully dropping both 👿 Should have let the first on drop as it’s my cheapest lens 🙄 Fortunately they don’t seem to be damaged – both focus and there are no dents 🙂 Phew!



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119/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Oh no, I’ve hit rock bottom 🙂

The only reason I say that is because I had a conversation about 365 where I mentioned that I’d probably just end up taking endless photos of my shoes when I was stuck for something to shoot – and looks what has happened!

I do have an excuse, as up until an hour ago I was wrestling with a particularly smelly and obstinate test rig – I’m ashamed to say I got rather frustrated and may have even broken a toe had the boots in question not had steel toecaps – the chair – which just happened to be in my line of fire – is still feeling my wrath 👿

All is forgotten now, as I’m going to settle in for the night, the blog is done and dusted, and it’s not too bad, even if it is the thin end of the wedge – I just really wish I’d put a beer in the fridge 🙂


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118/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

I’m rapidly running out of energy, so I’m afraid I need to keep this short…

It was one of those shots that worked straight away, well almost, I had the annoying ‘subject falling over’ issue to deal with, that’s normally only encountered with P on a Friday night after a few too many sherbets*, but in this case a well placed lump of blue-tak solved the problem – if only that always worked 😉

I love the way the cut surface appears all contrasty, the black and white really works in this case – the sort of pic that Ikea go for – I may even have to get it blown up for the kitchen. Even better is that the prop can be sliced up and inserted into a G+T for some post photography refreshment – result all round!

*Disclaimer – not true in any way shape or form, she doesn’t even drink 😉


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117/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.


I bet you’re all (all three of you ;)) thanking your lucky stars that it’s not another picture of a flower – at least with the ongoing theme on a Tuesday you have a higher than average chance that there won’t be a petal, leaf or stamen on view – but I’m not going to promise anything 😀

It was one of those quickly snapped shots where we got in from the pictures late (Miley Cirus :shock:) and needed to grab a picture before I turned into a pumpkin or zapped by a lightening bolt from heaven – they don’t actually discuss punishment when you sign in blood on the Project 365 contract, perhaps I should have enquired, but who ever reads the small print 😉

For now I’m safe!


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116/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Oh, c’mon Chris, enough with the flowers already 😀

And it’s not even in focus 😉

But I like it – sometimes, especially if one has been perusing photography forums too much, you can get obsessed with having to have the latest and best equipment, and all the photos needing to be tack sharp, correctly exposed etc etc, without much thought for the subject matter – but sometimes a photo just works despite not being technically correct, and this is one of those times (in my humble opinion of course).

I’ve suddenly just thought that I’ve possibly said all this before and I’m beginning to sound like I’m losing it, so, instead of boring you any longer I will wish you all goodnight – goodnight!

Ooh, I had a nice evening shooting pepper pots if anyone is interested 😯


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115/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Looking up on a lazy Sunday!

It’s been all of a couple of days since I last posted a flower photo, so I thought you’d need another! This is from a pot in the back garden filled with Ballerina tulips – we’d seen these on our first stop on the ‘The Big Trip’ at Kukenhoff and thought we’d have a little bit of Holland in our back garden – I like the skinny pointy types (lilly I’m told) rather than the big frilly fat parrott ones. They never last very long, so one has to takes ones chance, so you’ll just have to put up with it 😀

It’s one of my intentions this year to finally sort out the pics from the big trip, and you never know, if I get really organised there may even be a book 🙄


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114/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Blimey! As promised, this photo comes from the ungodly morning hours in Birmingham’s Museum Collections Centre, all as part of the 4am Project!

Getting up at 3am wasn’t a problem funnily enough, as I hadn’t managed to get any sleep at all up until then 🙄 and luckily P had returned in the car allowing me to take my tripod which proved essential – the original idea had been to cycle down there as P was supposed to be away, but the ‘pod is a bit of a beast and I was going to leave it behind.

It was a strange experience – the centre is where all the artwork is stored when there is no room for it in the cities museums, and was a bit like a B&Q warehouse, but with bits of art instead of paint on display! It wasn’t just art, there were car engines, bits of machinery, a Sinclair C5, the talking clock and even the odd steamroller! It’s open to the public on one or two days a year (next on Monday May 3rd). It was pretty impressive, and satisfied my statue addiction for at least the next couple of weeks – the results can be seen here

We were invited along as part of the drive to get Brum voted the UK city of Culture 2013, and I’ve been really impressed with the stuff that goes on here – I stumbled across a St Georges celebration in town later in the day, but hadn’t put a card in the camera 👿 so I can’t show you the fun of the fair, or pics of the Chinese Cookery course I went on as well – it did taste nice though!

The pic is the bonnet detail of an Armstrong Siddeley ‘Foursome’ by the way, 1935 vintage, built in Coventry and finished in Brum 😀


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113/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

It’s the totally topical taste! In celebration of St George and all that, a picture of the church tower in Hampton in Arden.

It’s been a good day all in all, if a little bit expensive. The bike needed it’s MOT, always a bit of a nervous time, especially considering the problems I’ve had recently with petrol tanks and the exhaust, but a liberal smearing of exhaust paste did the trick, as did a new back tyre – ouch! The bike passed the test :D, and so partly in celebration, and partly to scrub in the back tyre (new tyres are slippy on a bike and need to be run gently for the first 100 miles or so) I grabbed the camera and went hot warm footing it around the locale. It was a beautiful day and all the St George flags were flying – lovely really, even if the exhaust didn’t survive too well – it needs a re-think me-think.

The picture was going to be a flag encrusted pub I rode past, but it wasn’t particularly good, which is a shame – it definitely looked better in my head 🙂

Early night for me tonight as I’m photographing the museum storage facility at 4am tomorrow!!!


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112/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Where Snakes in the grass are absolutely free….

But of course, they aren’t – we bought a load (ok, a packet) of these bulbs 2 years ago and had hoped there would be thousands of these little blighters by now, but alas, there are now only two. The idea was they’d be springing up through the lawn, but they’ve either rotted or that pesky squirrel has munched them – little holes keep appearing in the lawn surrounded by acorn husks, Mr Squirrel, behave yourself!

The picture works quite well – I was rolling around on the floor with camera and flash earlier getting the shot – I like how the black background contrasts with the flower, and is this the only example of chequers in nature? It also takes my mind of the football and the feral kids roaming up and down the street.

Oh c’mon Liverpool!


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111/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

They’re back – and this time it’s serious!

It’s a bit of a topical subject rather than an artistic statement today as the boys are flying again!! Being so close I might have thought I’d be slightly annoyed, but I can’t say it bothers me at all, even though you can sometimes feel the big ones as they pass over the house (taking off from Birmingham airport, a couple of miles down the road), you do get used to the sound.

It felt rather odd in the garden at the weekend until I realised there wasn’t the normal jet engine noise and it was eerily quiet (apart from next door’s poor taste in music – I’m sure I know which is worse!)

Also, spending the day sorting out issues with the next generation of aircraft fuel systems, I’d have no right to complain – those aircraft are the reason I can afford the camera I used to take the shot 🙂

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