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98/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Strange clouds over Yardley 😉

Even the sky was celebrating Mum and Mo’s birthday 😀

I’m quite glad this came out, as 10 minutes after taking this shot I was wrestling with the fuel tank of a Bandit and getting rather frustrated in the process 👿 My bike has sprung a leak as a direct result of a crash nearly 6 years ago and I had to do some remedial spannering. Unfortunately when the manual tells you to ‘remove the fuel pipe’ you’d think it was a 2 minute job – that’s without the helping hand of Mr Rust of course, and in reality, 30 minutes later I was still struggling. I eventually got it off, only to find, naturally, that the replacement tank isn’t a 2003 model as advertised, is full of what maybe sand, but as the tank is locked and I don’t have the key I won’t know. So much for riding the bike this weekend 😈

I’m now calm however, and all is well with the world 😉

Happy Birthday Mum! Happy Birthday Mo!

P.S. The clouds may have had a wee bit of help!


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  1. Hello Chris!
    I am acting under instructions from twins to acknowledge your picture. They were highly amused and delighted at your creation. Unfortunately Mo has been sick all day and has only just got up (at 10.20pm). However they thoroughly enjoyed their birthday and we all went out to The Errington Arms last night with Mat and Charlotte and Norma.
    Love to you both. Dad

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