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114/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Blimey! As promised, this photo comes from the ungodly morning hours in Birmingham’s Museum Collections Centre, all as part of the 4am Project!

Getting up at 3am wasn’t a problem funnily enough, as I hadn’t managed to get any sleep at all up until then 🙄 and luckily P had returned in the car allowing me to take my tripod which proved essential – the original idea had been to cycle down there as P was supposed to be away, but the ‘pod is a bit of a beast and I was going to leave it behind.

It was a strange experience – the centre is where all the artwork is stored when there is no room for it in the cities museums, and was a bit like a B&Q warehouse, but with bits of art instead of paint on display! It wasn’t just art, there were car engines, bits of machinery, a Sinclair C5, the talking clock and even the odd steamroller! It’s open to the public on one or two days a year (next on Monday May 3rd). It was pretty impressive, and satisfied my statue addiction for at least the next couple of weeks – the results can be seen here

We were invited along as part of the drive to get Brum voted the UK city of Culture 2013, and I’ve been really impressed with the stuff that goes on here – I stumbled across a St Georges celebration in town later in the day, but hadn’t put a card in the camera 👿 so I can’t show you the fun of the fair, or pics of the Chinese Cookery course I went on as well – it did taste nice though!

The pic is the bonnet detail of an Armstrong Siddeley ‘Foursome’ by the way, 1935 vintage, built in Coventry and finished in Brum 😀


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