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123/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Out and about!

The weather and transport combination worked finally to my advantage – although the fantastic clouds that greeted me at breakfast had disappeared by the time I’d drunk my coffee – so I set off for a new area, around Atherstone, between Nuneaton and Tamworth. There were a couple of lovely little churches, complete with budding bluebells – nice!

The photograph of today uses a technique called HDR, which stands for High Dynamic Range – the way cameras work currently means that they can’t quite replicate what is seen by the eye – so if you have a view where there are bright areas such as sky, and dark areas such as shadows under trees, the camera can’t expose everything properly – either the sky will appear white (when it looks blue to the eye) or the shadows will look completely black (when to the eye you can see details). With HDR you take 3 different photos, and glue them together with a special program, and hey presto! a HDR image pops out in the end – it’s very easy to over process the image and get some horrendous results, but this I hope doesn’t look too bad 🙂


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  1. Churches and churchyards make good photos.

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