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211/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Here comes the rain…

… and about time too, it must be said – the garden is certainly looking a bit worse for wear at the moment 😦 It’s been an odd couple of weeks weatherwise, the sun has been a fleeting stranger, grey clouds have been the norm, and we haven’t had a drop of rain for ages – the office at work has been almost unbearable –  hot, muggy and frequently smelling more like a farmyard than it should (no joke!) not a particularly nice environment 👿

All this leads to a general feeling of malaise (on my part anyway), and I think the photos have suffered, so for that I do apologise 😥 but I intend to continue – onward and upward 😛



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The last of the Paris photos!

Obviously not taken in Paris either 🙂 But a fitting finale to the pictures from the birthday break which I managed to get posted this evening – and about time too I hear you cry 😉

Not much else to say really, so I’m going to leave it at that 🙂


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I know it’s not really P’s birthday, as that was Paris t’other week, but as we never officially had a cake and candle thing we decided to do it tonight. We’d eaten most of the giant fondant fancy the other night whilst watching Rick and the other 80’s ‘super’stars, but a little corner was left for us to play with! The giant cake was a little bit of a let down to P to be honest, it was not the pink icing we were looking for, and was a good inch thick – I wasn’t too upset 😉

The picture’s not particularly groundbreaking I’m afraid – too knacked, and a little uninspired, but I’m hoping I’ll have a flash of inspiration – maybe I need to wander around a couple of graveyards 😀


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208/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.


What more needs to be said 🙂


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Are these too brown??

The Polish contingent may laugh at my attempts to cook pierogi for my dinner, but I need to make the most of P’s absence and cook the things that she doesn’t like 😉 For those that don’t know, despite them looking like roast spuds, they are actually a Polish stuffed pasta type thing – in this case stuffed with a bit of sauerkraut and mushroom – which are then fried (the packet suggested that this was the best way to cook them, but they can be steamed) I do apologise if this golden brown colour is more brown than golden, but they did taste yum, and that is what matters 😀

I’m sorry if the photo is a bit rushed, and doesn’t quite convey the loveliness, but I had to eat my tea quickly before they went cold and I had a new toy to play with!


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206/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Oh no, it’s happened again! The bottle remained unopened 😦

Another day where the planned photie of P blowing huge flames from her mush didn’t materialise – we’d booked in with Bob the fire eater for a day of Savlon Barrier Cream, milk, white spirit and lots of flames, but ended up eating a few packs of crisps and doing a bit of sunbathing! The first occasion, a few months back, was called off due to concussion, this was going to be different right?

A bit of a rushed start to get to the venue at 10:30 (thank’s to Sam for the bacon butties!), but at 1:30 Bob still hadn’t turned up, but rumour had it, he was on the way…

It was almost two when he turned up, and he didn’t look a well man – it wasn’t due to a hard night as we’d been presuming, but an adverse reaction to his medication – he’d even collapsed earlier on in the supermarket, and then driven down from Manchester! Fortunately sense prevailed and we postponed the burning liquid part of the day and headed on home – I don’t have much hair to lose, but there were others who had more than me and we all wanted to keep it 🙂

Third time lucky maybe?

On the plus side, it did give me a chance to impulse buy a few pairs of socks and a new phone or two 😉

How excited am I 😀


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205/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

I like this shot, but thought it all looked a bit wooden 😀

This was supposed to be the final shot in the Paris 2010 collection, but I didn’t get all the processing finished yesterday, so that particular plan needs a touch of, er, redevelopment 😉 It’s obviously not a real problem, and I’m really happy with how this photo came out – just using the natural light streaming in from the patio doors.

Funnily enough, before I started all this photo melarky, I’d have thought to get good light you’d need direct sun coming through the window for a good shot, but in most cases this would be too harsh, so the best window for pictures like this is a north rather than south facing one – who’d a thunk it! It gives a softer diffused light, and you end up with the lighting seen here.

Hoping to have a really good photo tomorrow!


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204/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Back into the garden!

But no flowers this time! I was hoping to get out and about avec camera this afternoon, but I made the mistake of sitting down on the sofa, and the next thing you know it’s 4 o’clock – where does the time go??

There are lots of lovely shapes in the garden at the moment, seed pods and the like, which although are great to photograph almost giving the feeling that summer is almost over – I jolly well hope not, I haven’t taken enough holiday yet!

I can’t remember the proper name for the seed pods – grandma’s bonnets is a name I’ve heard, but even that may be a figment of my deranged imagination!


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203/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Why does it always rain on me…

…every time I want to go out on the bike? It was sunny, so I decided a ride was on, and then almost instantly it started raining 😦

Maybe someone upstairs wants me to concentrate on the pictures, rather than riding too fast (not too too fast, obviously ;))

Another photo of mine was published in today’s free paper, but it hasn’t arrived here yet, if it ever will 😦 I only just remembered, so tis a bit late to go purchase the proper paper, but it is the fact it is there that counts obviously!

It may come tomorrow, here’s hoping!


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202/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

It’s P’s b’day Lavender!

Not the picture I had in mind when I started taking the photies, and even though it doesn’t really show what I wanted, it didn’t turnout too badly in the end 🙂 I guess that is what it is all about eh, getting something postable out at the end of the day!

I think I need to get out of the house a bit more – let’s see what tomorrow brings eh?

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