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195/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

The forecast said showers!

I guess it was true, they occurred either side of the heaviest downpour I have been unlucky enough to be caught in 🙂

Fortunately it wasn’t too cold, although I was feeling the chill after about half an hour of huddling in the doorway of Notre Dame – I was soaked through to the gusset of my underpants, and yes, that maybe too much information, but if I had to suffer, then maybe you should too 😉 I did eventually dry off, and manage to get a few more pictures of the cathedral in the sun, but this pic sums up the day really. It was taken using multiple exposures and blended together to give the slightly surreal look (known as HDR to those who have been reading my previous ravings).

The day finished drinking wine by the Eiffel Tower with friends Annie and Matt whilst watching the Bastille Day fireworks – does it get any better?


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  1. Would love to be able to take photos like this Don’t think I’d have the patience though

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