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Night Shot!

Not sure I entirely like this pic, but it’s my own fault – I’d dashed back home from the north without stopping (although the lakes were under heavy cloud as I rushed by) and the sun had gone by the time I got my camera out – as a result I had to get the flashes working. The original pic was going to be the mushrooms that are exploding out of the garden, but the pics never turned out quite as good as I wanted, and as I saw an odd blush of colour on the lavender, they’ll have to do!



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Out on a walk!

I was hoping for a few more landscape pics, and wanted a couple of shots looking over Corbridge, but either I can’t remember the views as a kid, or the village has moved relative to the road I was walling on – I’m convinced it was the latter, but whatever, the shots never materialised and I was left shooting the flora – I do like this pic, but I have no idea what it is called – it’s one of the many weeds growing on the side of the road!



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Another castle!

And the final in the triptych of Northumberland fortresses – this one is of Warkworth Castle just north of Amble in Northumberland, and a quickly grabbed shot as I was heading home – my North East Coastal adventure is coming to an end sadly, and I never did get up in time to see the sunrise – just no dedication is my problem – one day I will though, as I shall have to return to this place – it’s truly a beautiful area, and pretty quiet considering it’s the middle of half term – it does get chilly though!


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Blue skies!

But what doesn’t show is the fact that it’s blowing a hoolie and I’m covered in mud from head to toe (slight exaggeration there, but I was definitely covered!) Yesterdays walk had had a bizarre effect on my boots and the two soles disintegrated in unison half way through the walk, so today I was in my slightly more worn and less grippy shoes – not the best equipment to navigate a steep muddy slope – I fell, twice, but luckily the cameras remained unscathed and it was only my clothes that suffered.

The weather made most of the beach shots problematic too, blowing sand doesn’t agree with cameras I’m sure, so the equipment was left snuggled up in the bag – there was the odd gap in the sandstorm, so we did get one or two pics, but on the whole it was a bit of a washout photography wise!


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A grey day at the coast!

Grey, but great! The day started with a drive up to Boulmer to meet D&J and we then headed off up the coast to Low Newton by the Sea for a bit of crab and a pint of Red Herring at the Ship Inn – really rather nice!

A walk along the beach followed, with numerous attempts at capturing the beauty of the place – it’s more difficult than you think these landscape shots, and many just seemed to be sky or beach with no real interest, but looking with ones eyes the scene was beautiful. I’ve not done alot of landscapes before, and there is certainly an art to taking the pics – I shall have to try a bit more!


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The North East tour continues.

And you can’t really go to the North East and not see the Angel can you? We were lucky with the day, and the low October sun highlighted the rusty steel – it’s just a shame there weren’t any russet trees in the background to highlight the autumnal nature of the shot. The crows ebbed and flowed and we took our chances with the shots (some do need the odd bit of photoshop work to remove the odd behatted onlooker), when I say we, it was a chance for me and Mum to go on a photographic odyssey in the north, OK, it was really a trip out with cameras, but we did stop off in Whitley Bay for a bit of lighthouse photography, followed by a rather nice lunch in a pub.

I just need to find someone to pay me to do this sort of thing!


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What a day!

A photographic extravaganza starting out in Corbridge with a walk along the Tyne in the morning, the sky was blue and the sun was out – possibly a little too sunny at some points, but it was nice just not to be cold! Then a bit of wildlife photography with a remote camera set up in the garden to capture a few of the birds frequenting the seeds – these will appear at a later date when I’ve sorted the ones that are in focus!

Then, finally, and the highlight of the day, a trip into Toon with Matt as a guide to take some pics of the Quayside along with a dozen other photographers who had the same idea – it’s been somewhere I’ve wanted to shoot for years, but it has taken me this long to get there! We arrived a bit early and so killed time in the pub with a lovely pint of Hobgoblin, and then braved the elements to get some shots – it wasn’t so bad and the rain that was falling earlier thankfully kept away.

I love these evening shots, and they worked pretty well I think, helped by the fantastically multicoloured Millennium Bridge – the best shot has the worst bridge colour unfortunately, but I still like it!


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Back to living flowers methinks!

The first day of my holiday, and a grey and wet drive to the north meant most of my time was unavailable for playing around with cameras – what sort of holiday is that! I did try take one of a conveniently arranged herd of cows who were just meambling over a bridge whilst I was stuck in traffic underneath – unfortunately the cars started moving and at the same time the camera didn’t focus properly through the (rather filthy) windscreen, and in an instant the moment was lost – it would have looked good too, an arc of cows, but I should really have been concentrating on the road – I’ll probably feature in one of those look-at-this-idiot-driving type programs.

All I had the energy for is this flower shot – quite liked the lighting though.


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Look at this for coincidence!

I’m walking out of the house and I notice another poppy head in the garden, but this time it has a little colourful addition! Quite fitting given my recent snaps. Thoughts of going to the butchers are temporarily put on hold and the camera is grabbed for the shot of the day! It worked and wasn’t staged at all 🙂 It even brought a smile to my face after a big fail on the car purchasing front – never mind eh, it could be worse, it could be that I’m not on holiday all next week!!!

As it is, I am, so I’m heading oop north, with hopefully pictures of the Angel and N’castle to look forward to!


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More of the poppy love!

As I was going out tonight it had to be a quick one, as I’m sure you don’t want a pic of the inside of the Yew Tree Pub – it’s not the most interesting or photogenic of places (although last night there was a chap who spent all night barking to his dog) indeed, it’s not even a particularly nice place to drink – but it is the pub within walking distance of the house that has the highest chance of surviving the evening (me that is, not the pub!)

Anyhoo, the poppy theme continues!

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