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4/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Killing 3 birds with one stone…

I had three things to do this Friday afternoon that involved me getting the camera out, and the one session managed to fulfil all my needs – not bad eh!

The first operation was to get my weekly photo taken – it could have been snowdrops in the garden, for the are out today, but no, that’s a bit to easy, and even though the sun was out I really wanted to do some indoor shots.

The second task was to get next years Christmas Cards sorted – now you may be thinking this is on the touch early side (and you’d not be wrong!), but I promised I’d be better that than last year where they only just came in time. I don’t think I’ve ever been this organised in my life, but there are still many steps for me to take before the final cards plop on the doorstep, so if they’re not here by July I wont be too surprised!! The little clay figures are destined for Mum, so I need to have all the shots taken before I see her next.

Thirdly and perhaps most importantly, I wanted to prove a point. Myself and Dan at work have been having this ongoing ‘debate’ for the past few weeks regarding shutter speed and exposure with flash photography. He’s convinced it makes a difference when he’s shooting his scantily clad ladies (only joking Dan 😉 ) and I’m convinced it doesn’t. Although to throw a spanner in the works, when I shot at his place something funny was definitely occurring, but it was so hectic, we never really bottomed it out at the time.

In the comfort of my own ‘studio’ I set up the angel seen before us – shooting with no flash at Iso100, f2.8 and a shutter speed of 1/200s, the picture was almost totally black, even with the room lights turned on – so we can assume therefore that the ambient light is not adding much to the exposure. I then set up the flashes to give a properly exposed shot, and then did some trials where I changed the shutter speed to 1/80s – it made no difference to the exposure of the pic (are you still listening??)  – the flash is such a short duration (1/1000 sec) and is the only source of light, so it doesn’t matter how long the shutter is open for – the only caveat being if the shutter is open long enough for the room lights to make a difference, then this will effect the exposure – but we’d be talking much longer shutter speeds.

I’m now convinced, but are you?



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3/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

A portrait of Stan.

I’m not normally one for taking pictures of people – I’m not sure if it’s because I’m uncomfortable having my own picture taken, or that I’m not the sort of chap who is used to bossing people about (look this way, turn you chin…) or maybe it’s really that I don’t really know many people who like having their picture taken – it’s all a case of practise I guess. I like the idea, don’t get me wrong, I do like portraits as a picture, and would love to do more – maybe it’s part of the reason I have an obsession with angels in cemeteries – they stay still and they don’t mind having their picture taken – they don’t take orders too well, but I suppose you can’t have everything!

This day turned out slightly differently to how I was expecting – a trip out to a  Pop Up Art Tea Shop in Handsworth as part of a mini Flickr adventure, with the intention of wandering the area taking photies, but the weather wasn’t having any of it and decided to moisten my enthusiasm. All was not lost however, and a portion (or two, yum!) of lemon drizzle cake later we were undertaking some portrait schooling from Stanley – making use of the soft light coming through the big shop window and trying to ignore the bemused stares of the locals we snapped away – it was a very enjoyable afternoon. I really must do more.


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2/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Two weeks in!

Fortunately a week with a Flickrmeet means I have to have some sort picture available for view, and we were blessed with a beautiful blue sky – needless to say I forgot my polarising filter (a Christmas present!) and so it still remains unused! In a shot like this it would have affected the blue sky and possibly the reflections on the windows – it’d be interesting to see what a difference it would make, and wheter it would actually improve the shot – I quite like the reflections on the windows – I may have to go back on the next sunny day!

I’m enjoying the less stressful life that is Project 52!


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1/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Oh no! What have I done!

It’s not that bad really, just one photo a week! I want to keep my eye in so to speak, and cold photographic turkey just wasn’t appealing, so I’m going to carry on shooting, albeit in a slightly reduced manner – a photo a week for a year – I think I can manage that.

I did try to think of a theme that I could carry on through the year, but it just wasn’t happening, and I got to the end of the first week with nary a photo in my head, and then a mad panic until I though of a simple pic to start the year – it’ll improve I’m sure!

Onwards and upwards!

It’s not over!

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Calvary Xanten, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Just because the project is over, it doesn’t mean it’s all over!

I’ve spent the last few days, freed from the stress of having to take, process, upload and blog a picture a day to get round to the stuff that has been mounting up in the background. I’ve spent the time scanning various films that I’ve taken throughout the year – I’d managed to process them which is relatively easy, but the scanning has always been a bit trickier, it just seemed to take up so much time.

Now I’ve actually got my finger out, it was relatively easy, and I’m now up to date in the film department, and just need to go out and take some more shots. I’d forgotten how much I like the graininess of the film, and the odd feel of the Holga shots in particular.

The above pic is taken with a pinhole camera (ie it doesn’t have a lens on the front, just a small hole) and would usually take a wide, medium format, film – I’ve modified this particular one to take a ‘normal’ 35mm film so that the light hits the whole width of the film, sprocket holes and all! It makes for a rather strange pic, but this one has turned out really rather well – the nature of the pinhole shots means that the picture is not massively sharp – it looks quite blurred if you look closely, but that is the nature of the beast!

Until the next thrilling instalment….

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