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8/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

I almost gave up!

I’d decided not to bother continuing on the Project 52, as the photos I’ve taken recently have been pretty uninspired, and for that I have to apologise. But I then thought I need something to kick me up the bum and keep me going, so here we are, the only photo I have taken this week. It wasn’t a particularly good shot, so I used the opportunity to try out a couple of on-line photoshop tutorials – this one was to do with adding textures and borders. I’m not sure they actually improve the shot :(, but it was a worthwhile exercise, so it wasn’t totally wasted time!

I will continue though!



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7/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

It’s all gone grey…

A damp day in Brum, typical really as it was the day of the monthly Flickrmeet – it didn’t however put everyone off, and despite being the wettest second Sunday of the month I’ve experienced,we had a bumper crowd wandering around the canals of Birmingham – fantastic!

It’s always good to see new shooters at the meets, not just for the company, but it gives more viewpoints on the same subject. And that really, to me, is the most interesting thing about the Flickrmeet – we are all presented with pretty much the same view, many of us have very similar cameras, and yet the difference between styles and composition always amazes me. I do spend alot of time thinking ‘why didn’t I see that’ – and then getting terribly despondent  😉


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6/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

An unusual Snowdrop!

The sun was out when I got home, a rare event recently, and as I need to get Stan his camera back at the weekend, I thought I’d make the most of the light and get off my bottom! The camera is modified to only let infra-red light through, and it gives some pictures a weird ghostly effect. Green foliage tends to come out white, hence why the shot above is quite unlike the normal snowdrop shots – it does look odd as the normally green bits blend into the white petals.

Unfortunately the other shots taken today turned out a bit poor really – I’d bought a filter for my camera which is supposed to replicate what Stan’s camera is able to achieve, albeit you need to use a tripod, but I didn’t have much success – maybe I need a bit more sun – shall have to wait for spring proper to arrive. It got me out of the house at least!


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5/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

It’s a champion beer!

Although it was very nearly not a champion photo – I was so busy watching the rugby (Union this time, would you believe it!) and putting up some pictures that I almost forgot that I hadn’t taken a shot this week – I’m a very bad boy 😉 The forgetfulness had nothing to do with the subject I hasten to add – I only had the one!

The rugby ended well, the pictures in the frames look pretty good too, but I’m not convinced about my shot – I promise to make a bit more effort next week – I was hoping that the weather would improve so I could get out with the borrowed IR camera, but it wasn’t happening  – a windy horrible day really – it may change tomorrow, but I’m not convinced. Next weekend possibly!

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