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12/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Cemeteries and flowers!

Following a week of sickness and pestilence I needed to cheer myself up, so what better than a trip to the local graveyard?? I’ve been producing phlegm at an incredible rate this past week, so getting out with the camera has been impossible (work was impossible for a couple of days too), but typically these have been the nicest days of the year so far.

I’d noticed on the way into work this morning that the trees in the cemetery were in bloom, so I was hoping that there would be an interesting gravestone close enough to the blossom to give  the desired effect, and luckily there was just this one – job done. There are a few niggles with the lens I was using, so I shall have to investigate further, as it doesn’t seem to focus correctly, but I managed to get the odd shot that looked pretty good!



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11/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

A trip down to the canals of Brum!

Despite it being a pretty nice day, I was feeling a little uninspired today for the monthly Flickrmeet – don’t really know why as I’ve been dying for a nice bit of warmth and a wander with camera. I did enjoy the day though, and a fab time was had by all – I do wonder if I’d have seen more to shoot at the St Patrick’s Day march which was the other option available to us here in Birmingham, but I didn’t fancy it at the time – it is booked in for next year though!

I am like that though – I love wandering about taking photos, even if they never see the light of day – does this make it pointless? Not sure, but to be honest, I don’t really care – I like it!

Spring is definitely here, and that can only be a good thing!


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10/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Another shot of flowers…

It’s been a bit hard recently to find time both to take and edit photos for some reason, so I’m running very late on the project at the moment! But I still intend to carry on!

The weather has been pretty dull of late, but just as I was giving up hope, the sun popped out from behind a cloud and illuminated the patch of daffs in the garden – I took my chance and 2 mins later was rolling around in the grass with a lensbaby, getting soaking wet in the process and narrowly avoiding the little ‘presents’ left by the million and one cats that live next door.

The result is a photo, which I really quite like, there is a nice swirl of out of focusness around a relatively sharp flower head – the out of focusness is typical of what the lensbaby does, and you can adjust the sweet spot to where you want in the frame – fab!


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9/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

A momentary bright spell…

In a pretty grey day, it has to be said – I was blessed though, driving through the rain on the way (and on the way back), I got to Chipping Campden and the sky opened up for about half an hour – just long enough to get the camera(s) out and get shooting. When I say opened up, I don’t think there was ever any real sun, just a lack of rain!!! The place is lovely, and well worth going back to when the sun is out properly methinks. It did mean I could get some ominous cloud shots, slightly enhanced by a bit of HDR’ing, but I’d like to think a light touch to correct for what it actually looked like rather than some alien landscape.

The yellow stone of the place is pretty attractive, but didn’t really come out today – just have to wait until next time.

My mojo has returned for now, so I just need a bit of decent light and some time off work and we’ll all be happy!

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