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17/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.


After the slight confusion / brain explosion I had this week regarding the project 52 and the blog I realised I really needed to get some more decent shots, so off to town I trundled, armed with only two cameras in a relatively small bag – oh the freedom! I always enjoy a wander around Brum, especially in the sun, and even more especially when I would normally be in work – you always get the chance to take a pic of the Selfridges building, and also in this case, one of my fave statues – it was just a shame about the heckling!

I could have posted more pics of bluebells, as I had wandered off to the Licky Hills too earlier in the week to search for real English ones, and despite them being very badly signposted, I did eventually find whole heaps of the things, but only after about two hours of searching – but you may well have OD’d on them by now, so diving statues it is!


A little bit of colour…

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17/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Time for a bit of colour!

The last few weeks have been a black and white bonanza, so I thought I’d liven it up by taking some colour pics! I got totally confused and tried uploading this as a project52 photo, before realising I can’t as I took this last week, so it’ll have to be an extra special treat!

The bluebells in the garden are out in all their glory (although they are the Spanish variety I’m afraid to say…) and are a brilliant subject for us photographers out there – it’s just a case of getting them in the correct light, and without moving too much in the wind! Some more can be seen here and here, and even a pic of the English variety 🙂

I’ve got a few days off, so hopefully if the weather holds I’ll be off out taking some photies – no wedding inspired themes though, just in case you were wondering. I was hoping to go far and wide, but the reality may be somewhat different alas – too much “other stuff” getting in the way… I’m just not dedicated enough!


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16/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

A day out in the park!

It was a sunny day, I wasn’t at work – what more could you want but to go to the park and have a sit in the sun? I’d looked at the map and noticed a bit of green not too far away from home, so I thought I’d grab a few cameras and head off for an inspect.

I really need to be a bit more selective about what cameras I carry mind – about half an hour in I was absolutely knacked, I don’t think I really needed every camera lens I own, but having said all that, I did almost use some of them – and even ended up with some nice pics, so it made it worth it!

The pic above is another infra red jobbie, and I’m really enjoying the format – black and white with a bit more oomph! I’d taken this pic normally but both the colour and the black and white versions lacked something  – convert to the IR camera, and the sky turns black and the leaves turn white, and it’s just enough to make an interesting scene – I’m really looking forward to use it to take more of the church shots, and as a bonus, it seems to be focusing properly with the different lens attached- hurrah!


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15/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

A dandy macro!

What a day! An early start (for a Sunday morning, anything before 10 is early 😉 ) and off to the cultural centre that is Wolverhampton – the race course no less, for a wander round the camera fair. It’s a bit of an overwhelming place in may ways, as the array of old film cameras is bewildering – I was going mainly for a mooch, but with an eye out for a couple more of the el-cheapo Olympus trip 35’s – one to stick in the car, and the other for the bike pannier – there were hundreds last time, but a total of zero this time – funny…

There were many Flickerists there today, and after we’d spent up (and some did spend!), had lunch, we all headed off for the monthly Flickrmeet, this time at Tolkien’s  old stomping ground, these days known as the ‘Shire’ near Sparkbrook, in good ole Brum.

The sun was out and the birds were singing, along with a healthy turn out, it ended up being a lovely walk along the river (stream ??) – blossom photos galore! I even got the IR camera out for the odd vista shot. A quick pint in a local Irish pub, which greatly amused the locals (“it’s the chuffin paparazzi” ad infinitum…) , and then off home.

Summer is certainly on the way!


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14/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

A new toy has arrived!

I finally got around to sending my spare camera away to be converted – it was just lying around gathering dust, so I thought I’d treat myself and get the thing adapted to shoot infra red. They have to take the camera apart and replace a filter that sits in front of the sensor, and this means that it now no longer shoots light visible to the eye, but infra red! And before you ask – no, it’s not like a thermal camera!

The main difference is the way it ‘sees’ vegetation – grass and plants tend to come out very white, making some rather nice contrasty shots – I really like the effect. As you can see in the pic, the grass and the conifer have come out much lighter than normal, making a nice contrast with the gravestones.

Unfortunately the camera hasn’t been set up quite right and the focus doesn’t work properly – IR focusses slightly differently, so it is a known problem, but it should be correctable. I have a feeling I have to send it back to be re-calibrated 😦


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13/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

A bit of Bokeh!

Or is it?

Just because the background is out of focus, is it right to describe it as bokeh? Is bokeh a general description of out of focus areas of the picture or is it more a description of the quality of the out of focusness areas of the picture? Difficult to know for sure – this picture definitely has a nice swirly pattern to the out of focus areas of the picture – is that really what matters?

Does anybody really care?

The extreme bluriness of the pic was enabled by a macro adaptor I bought for the lensbaby – the one problem with said lens was the fact it didn’t focus particularly close, so nice shots of flowers just weren’t happening – until now! Prepare to be underwhelmed with vast quantities of shots of out of focus flowers – you have been warned!

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