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21/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.


I’m really not sure about this pic – I wanted a classy shot of the alium flowers we have growing in a pot outside the front door – unfortunately I decided this about two weeks ago and have only just got my finger out, by which time the flowers are a bit past their best šŸ™„

Not to worry though, I set up a little studio in the kitchen and started snapping away! This final shot was chosen, but now it’s uploaded I can’t take my eye of the grey splodge on the right hand side of the frame – I think the transfer to Flickr has exaggerated it slightly – to go back and re-edit, that is the question!

At least it is the bank holiday weekend, and I get a bit more time to complete the build of my next camera – you shall just have to wait and see šŸ™‚



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20/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Another IR shot!

I’m loving this camera I must say, and now I’m getting to know it a bit better it seems to be behaving itself šŸ˜‰ The weekend was supposed to be overcast and rainy, so with the sun popping out briefly on the Saturday morning I jumped in the car and off I sped. I was hoping to find some more flowers in a churchyard I’d been to in the past, but unfortunately the bluebells had gone – I have put a reminder in the diary for next year, because the daffs will look stunning if I can catch them in their glory. There was theĀ occasional flower that I was able to shootĀ , but I have no idea what it is unfortunately.

On the way back there was this ‘tunnel’ of trees hanging over the curve of the road – I’m going to have to go back when the sky is clear,Ā becauseĀ although I like the shot, it’ll look much better when the clouds on the left hand side of the pic aren’t there – two minutes after this shot was taken the whole area clouded over and that was the last of the pics from the day – but I got a few at least!


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19/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Through the square window…

A shot from this months Flickrmeet at a former print works in Balsall Heath, which is now being turned into the Make-it Zone, a place where artists, photographers etc can rent a bit of space for their projects. The place is still an empty shell in large areas, with just theĀ detritusĀ of former years for decoration.

If I’m honest, I struggled today, I’m not sure IĀ particularlyĀ like this sort of thing, although some of the pictures from the others turned out really well. That’s the thing about Flickr – everyone gets essentially the same subject matter, yet the outcome is radically different depending on the person behind the camera, and in most cases it’s the eye behind the camera rather than the particular camera itself which determines the shot.

Even though I wasn’t particularly inspired the day was pretty good – it can’t be too bad if it ends up down the pub now can it??


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18/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

What an Infra Red Day!

The sky was cloudless as I set out, so knowing it was a wee bit too contrasty for the normal camera, I thought I’d give the newish infra red 40D (that’s a camera folks!) a bit of a battering. The infra red works quite well in these conditions, and with all the new foliage on the trees, I though it’d be a great day!

I wasn’t wrong!

The sort of pics that I love taking, churches nestled in leafy settings, work so well in Infra Red – the stonework contrasts fabulously with the dark skies and the bright leaves – so I decided to go for a bit of a south east Birmingham church crawl – they all seem to have come out really rather well – go on, have a lookĀ šŸ™‚ My fave was the rectory at Temple Balsall, a small stone building (with a beautiful garden) surrounded by these really small gravestones – it’s a Knights Templar church apparently, and looks lovely at this time of year!

I’m really quite happy with the camera – just need to get some printed!

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