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25/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

It’s been a while!

But now we’re back – the holiday has been had, the photo’s have been taken…

The holiday was a two week trip in the van, heading for sunnier climes – France and Germany this year (pretty much like the last two!) but this time the plan was to get in some miles early and spend a bit more time in Germany – not that we don’t like France, but Germany does do a good kebab! I thought I’d travel light, with only 10 cameras, let’s see, what do I have:

Canon 7D – the main contender

Canon 40D – converted to Infra Red

Lumix LX5 – the carry everywhere camera

Olympus Trip 35 – handy point and shoot

Olympus 35RD – rangefinder

Yashica D – medium format TLR

Holga – the plastic fantastic – plastic lens, plastic everything really

Holga pinhole – superwide pinhole camera 12×6 cm negatives

Agfa Isola 1 – bit like an old Holga – fitted with 35mm film

TriPinhole – home made pinhole camera with 3x35mm films, previously untested

It’s a good job we have a relatively large space under the bed to carry it all! Not all of the cameras were used, as it happens, but I shall link back to these cameras when the films are processed. The one I’m most excited about is the TriP – when and if the photo’s turn out I shall let you know all about it!

We jumped on the ferry and after filling up with red wine and croissant, we headed off into central France – it was great! First halt was a small town called Doullens, which had this really rather nice shell of a church, which at night was pleasantly lit up – time to leave P drinking wine and break out the tripod. A nice couple of shots I feel.



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24/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

A wet Sunday afternoon…

Bit of a shame really, as the intention was to get the ‘beast’ out for the first time – beast is a bit of a misnomer really, as compared to some of the cameras I’ve seen recently, it’s on the small and portable side, but it’s a camera I’ve been making for the past few weeks which shoots on 3 rolls of film at time, and will effectively be a large format pinhole camera. I don’t have a pic of it just yet, but if you are wondering what it looks like, you can buy a tee shirt 😉

It was a flickrmeet, and it was supposed to be a chance to ‘shoot outside the comfort zone’ – what I hadn’t appreciated was that this meant standing in the pouring rain for 2 hours – not a place for a cardboard camera, so the toy remained tucked away inside the boot of the car. Hopefully it won’t be too long before it makes it’s debut, but we shall have to see!


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23/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.


We’ve had this plant sat outside the back door in the garden for a few years now, and every now and again I take a picture (at least, until the slugs start chomping), and I’ve never really taken one I was particularly pleased with – that is until now. You’d think it would be easy – it throws beautiful shapes in the leaves, but it has been doing my fruit!

This pic was a ‘snap’ initially as I was coming back into the house after taking some other garden photies, but immediately looked pretty good, so I wander back and took a few more studied pictures – even then it wasn’t a definite shot of the week, but a black and white conversion made the difference! I do like the contrasty textures and shapes!

Next week, hopefully, will be a pic from a ‘contraption’ that I’ve been making these past few weeks for a Flickrmeet on Sunday, but unfortunately the forecast doesn’t look good…


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22/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.


The Pride celebration comes to town, and so with it comes the chance to take photos of people who aren’t scared to have their pics taken!

The idea was to meet up with some fellow Flickrists, take some shots of the colourful celebrations, then wander off for a post celebration celebration down the pub. As has happened before, and will no doubt happen again, we weren’t organised enough to arrange a post pic meeting place, and within five minutes I’d lost the rest of the group – not really very good!

Apart form that though, it was much better than last year which was a total washout – the rain stayed off, and although it was dull, there were a myriad of chaps in nowt but underpants, and young lasses in not much more – a feast of colour, and a really good chance to fine tune my people pic photo technique. Unfortunately, I could do with this sort of thing happening a bit more often, by the time it comes around again, I’ll have forgotten the techniques I used – never mind eh?

Good day despite not having a beer or two!

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