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30/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

It’s another photo flower!

Just to prove that the lilly beetles in the garden haven’t completely destroyed the flowers, but they’ve given it a pretty good try…

I was in two minds about this photo – it’s similar to others I’ve done before and I wasn’t sure whether I should be doing something slightly different. One of the other contenders was this taken with a lens similar to those found on the rear of car windows for reversing – a fresnel lens as it’s known in the trade – not the sharpest I think you’ll agree, but it does give the completely out of focus flower a lovely halo effect – it’s maybe not the best lens to use for still life flower photography, but I  shall experiment a bit more and see what it is good for!

I’ll be spending some time this weekend processing films, so hopefully next week we can see some pictures from the TriP !



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29/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

A chocolate covered Claire.

Too many photos to process, but more importantly the family was visiting at the weekend, so all time was spent cleaning rather than taking photos!

I really must get out with the camera.


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28/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Another trip to the print works with the Flickrists…

We’d only just come back from holiday when it was time to go out on a Flickrmeet – it’s not my favourite of places it must be said, I’m not that into dilapidated buildings like some, but it wasn’t too bad, and it was a chance to see Richards monster.

As the last meeting had been a complete washout, we’d decided to have another contraptions event, where any ‘out of the ordinary’ camera could be used – I took a couple of pinhole pictures, but quite when I’ll get the chance to process them is anyone’s guess. The picture showed here is one of the rather fine staircase they had tucked away in a dingy pigeon poo covered corner – not too bad a shot I think – quite like the shapes on this one!


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27/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Angels with Gasmasks…

In Germany at last, and after spending a couple of days living it up in the black forest, with it’s beautiful but exceedingly difficult to photograph vistas, we wandered down to Lake Constance, a large, pretty lake, bordered by Austria, Switzerland as well as Germany.

We’d stumbled across a little town called Bodman, purely because it had somewhere decent for us to park, and as we were walking back to the van after a delightful schnitzel lunch we stumbled across the oddest of sights – it looked like many of the normal German gardens we’d seen before, apart from the fact this one had a large number of life-size (and bigger) statues. Not only were they huge, most were naked (in a kind of warts and all wrinkled fashion), and pretty bizarre – naked granny riding a motorbike up a wall anyone? Many I think are German public figures – what they must think is anyone’s guess.

Peter Lenk is the chaps name, and he has a bit of a reputation – in Meersburg, later on, we saw a work of his in the harbour – thinking he may tone it down if it’s in such a public spaced we were slightly surprised when we were confronted by a small man bending over, blowing devils out of his backside – nice!

They make nice subjects to photograph, and whilst there are some that I’m not reet fond of, there is certainly some good stuff!


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26/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

A bit abstract for a change…

I could have chosen yet another church photo for this weeks blog, or maybe even a flower shot, but no, today is abstract! And I really like the colours in the pic.

What the shot doesn’t portray  is the baking heat we had to endure to take this shot, nor the difficulties encountered trying to take an artistic photograph whilst at the same time trying to eat a ‘Big Nut’ ice cream – that is why P is always handy to have assist on a shoot – not only does she scout out the really good places to visit (by actually reading the guide book in most cases), but she can offer a spare hand when needed, and is only too keen to help ‘tidy up’ a wayward ice cream drip.

This art was in a little fortified town, Langres, still in eastern France (for we have yet to get to Germany at this point), perched atop a hill – a pretty little place which just seemed to be getting on with things despite it’s stunning location – I do like it here!

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