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27/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Angels with Gasmasks…

In Germany at last, and after spending a couple of days living it up in the black forest, with it’s beautiful but exceedingly difficult to photograph vistas, we wandered down to Lake Constance, a large, pretty lake, bordered by Austria, Switzerland as well as Germany.

We’d stumbled across a little town called Bodman, purely because it had somewhere decent for us to park, and as we were walking back to the van after a delightful schnitzel lunch we stumbled across the oddest of sights – it looked like many of the normal German gardens we’d seen before, apart from the fact this one had a large number of life-size (and bigger) statues. Not only were they huge, most were naked (in a kind of warts and all wrinkled fashion), and pretty bizarre – naked granny riding a motorbike up a wall anyone? Many I think are German public figures – what they must think is anyone’s guess.

Peter Lenk is the chaps name, and he has a bit of a reputation – in Meersburg, later on, we saw a work of his in the harbour – thinking he may tone it down if it’s in such a public spaced we were slightly surprised when we were confronted by a small man bending over, blowing devils out of his backside – nice!

They make nice subjects to photograph, and whilst there are some that I’m not reet fond of, there is certainly some good stuff!


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