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 34/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Trial shot…

A few months ago, late one night I’d been looking through my old pictures, both digital, and film, with some being from my Yashica medium format camera, and I’d been really impressed with the quality of the film pictures.

When I say quality, I don’t mean the sort of thing normally bandied around in some web forums – corner sharpness, 100% crop, and all the associated waffle that some people seemed to get over concerned with (normally the people with technically wonderful shots, but leaving something to be desired on the content front – not that I’m claiming to be any sort of master photographer by any means!!), but just that the film pics seemed to have a bit more character than some of the digital stuff.

Anyway, to cut a long and boring story short, I decided that night to purchase myself a medium format SLR camera – the Yash is brilliant, but you are limited by it being a single focal length camera, so I wanted something with a bunch of interchangeable lenses, to give me a bit more flexibility.

After a bit of research and a lot of looking around at camera fairs and e-bay, two (!) Bronica SQ-Ai’s  dropped on the doormat a couple of weeks ago (actually they were delivered next door…) and so it was on to trialling them, just making sure they actually work. It was a happy accident – I’d lost a bid on a full kit including camera and 3 lenses and a whole bunch of other stuff, so I bid on a single camera which I won. I was then offered a second chance on the original kit which seemed too good to turn down, and voilà, you can’t move for cameras in the house now!

They do work, and this pic is from an hour spent in the garden messing around with lenses and an extension tube – it’s going to be an interesting learning curve!



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33/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.


It’s another Flickrmeet, and this time we wander away from the safe confines of Birmingham (!) and we’re off to take the waters in Leamington Spa. It’s a pretty town, and although close, it’s not really somewhere I’ve been to much (although it is P’s fave dance location). But despite it being a lovely place, the pictures didn’t come easy – there was a sort of malaise within the group, with not much clicking going on. There was however some really rather nice ice cream!

We did actually manage to get a couple of decent shots, the results of which can be seen here – and then wandered off down to the pub, all in all very civilised! I did take along a new camera, but only managed to rattle off one frame of film, which, as you probably guessed – has yet to be developed – hopefully this weekend!


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A couple of days off work and a chance to go back up to Northumberland to take some pictures – or would have been if the weather had behaved itself! I think I may have upset the weather gods in a former life – every time I put my shoes on to go take some pics the skies opened and the photo opportunity disappeared in a flurry of spray! I may have been forgiven in the end however, a diversion through the lake district on the way home brought out the sun, and despite me missing out on the waterfall I’d been hoping to see I did manage to get a few beautiful vistas.

I’m liking the infra red landscapes, although you have to be a bit careful not to get everything a bit too washed out – any vegetation tends to turn white, so getting a decent contrast can be a bit of a challenge on some shots. The lakes and mountains look good, with just enough rocks and water to counteract the vegetation. All in all a success. I even got to try out a new film camera, I’ve just got a bit of film processing to do…


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31/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

This may be slightly cheating….

I didn’t actually take this picture this week, but I certainly processed it this week, so it fits in my rules!

As has been hinted at in previous posts, this is from the first rolls of film out of a home made pinhole camera – I’d seen some chaps pictures on the interweb and he’d posted instructions on how to make a camera which took three rolls of film – I’d liked the pictures, but the camera was way too difficult for me to make, so I made my own, making it up as I went along.

The pictures come out much squarer in my contraption, and I’ve miscalculated on the film winding, so many of the shots slightly overlap on these first shots, but the quality is pretty darn good I think for a first attempt, and considering the camera doesn’t have a lens, they’re sharper than I’d been expecting. I need to put a few more rolls of film through,next time I think I’m going to use  maybe a colour, a black and white and a redscale – it’d be interesting! The only problem with the whole thing is that the photos take 3 times longer than normal to process and scan – I’m not known for my efficiency or my rapidity when it comes to this sort of thing, so do forgive me!

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