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 39/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Still powered by snot- unfortunately ūüė¶

The sun was out, and there are still a few leaves on the trees, so I thought I’d break out the infra red camera and wander down to the church. It’s been clad in scaffolding for most of the year whilst the spire is fixed, so I¬†haven’t¬†been able to take the pic I wanted – a clean spike poking through a sea of white leaves – but the steeple is slowly breaking free from it’s surroundings, just as the leaves are dropping, so I thought I’d take a look.

The pic straight out the camera has these lovely brown tones, but a bit of photoshop makes a fab black and white photo too. Another bit of photoshop magic (effectively swapping the red channel for blue) gives a slightly more ‘normal’ pic – the sky is blue, and you still get the white leaves – which one do you like?



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 38/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

It’s been an odd year weatherwise, and due to the unseasonally warm spell we’re having the flowers in the garden don’t seem to know¬†whether¬†they are coming or going – but it at least gives me the chance to take some more floral snaps – something I’ve not done much of this year.

Not the best shot’s I’ve ever taken, a head full of snot doesn’t help, but at least it’s something to go onto the blog ūüôā


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Fyfe in full flow!

It is that time of year when Artsfest hits town – 3000 artists, 600 events at 50 venues across Birmingham City centre for one weekend only! Unfortunately it coincides with a weekend where there is so much else to do that squeezing it all in is a bit of a nightmare. It’s also a Flickrmeet!

I started off the weekend with fellow photographer Dan, in the Jewellery Quarter, at Newman Brothers Coffin Fittings Factory – this is an old factory that is currently being restored as a museum by Birmingham Conservation Trust¬†– I’d been there before, but wanted to improve my photography so went again – not sure if I was totally¬†successful, but I enjoyed it all the same.

After that it was into the festival to enjoy some music – I’m not sure I really like taking photos of bands I don’t know (and aren’t they all young these days!!), but I did enjoy the whole event – rasta poets, tabla players and the odd indie band chucked in for good measure.

Highlight of the weekend was getting into the press pit for the headline act (thanks Katie!) The Guillemots were as good as I hoped they’d be, and I even got a few shots too! It’s a bit of a challenge to get anything half decent – the lighting is constantly changing, the performers don’t stop moving and it’s really quite dark – added to that a black stage and a dodgy focussing lens, it’s a surprise I got anything! Shooting at ISO 3200 in some cases, I was thankful for the new camera – it seems to handle the extreme conditions much better than my old 40D – but I may have to send my big lens away for re-calibration – not good!


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To Austwick and beyond….

It was time to get out and about with camera in hand, and following a hot and sweaty car ride up to the Yorkshire Dales to meet up with D&J, we were looking forward to a warm weekend lounging about outside the tent in the lovely village of Austwick – alas it was not to be!

Friday night was lovely, but then the rain came on Saturday morning, and pretty much didn’t stop all day – I’d forgotten how grim it can be crawling through a muddy tunnel to get into a tent (or more importantly out of the tent at 3am bustin for a wee!), but it wasn’t all doom and gloom – if it had been sunny we’d have never found the delightful Bernie’s Caving Cafe in Ingleton – sausage and chips in a Yorkshire pud with the thickest gravy imaginable – yum!

Sunday made up for the rain, and the sun came out to say hello, so we wandered up into the hills with the camera – I’ve probably repeated this ad-nausea um, but I’m not convinced I’m cut out to be a landscape photographer – the stunning views are difficult to capture, and only a few turned out as I hoped when looked at on the PC – I guess it just means I have to get out more!


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 35/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.


I’ve been meaning to take some photos of my home made camera for a while now, and now I’ve finally got around to doing it!

I’d like to say it was an original idea, but I’d be fibbing if I did – I ‘borrowed’ the basic design off a much more beautiful beast called the battlefield camera, but simplified it as I don’t yet have the necessary card cutting skills and wanted to keep as many of my original digits as possible. I put it together over a couple of weekends – I even thought about making my own pinhole, but ended up going for the more sensible option and purchased an etched pinhole from a chap in the¬†Jewellery¬†Quarter¬†here in Brum – and took it on my hols to Germany!

It takes 3 35mm films which are loaded in a row to give a relatively square shot made up of 3 strips of film – the insides look like this….

The pictures come out remarkably well – much better in fact than the purchased pinhole camera I bought from Hong Kong – and I love the three layer effect. I just need to get out and take some more photos. The only real problem I had was not winding the film on enough between each shot – I’d marked it out with a couple of dead films, but for some reason it didn’t tie up too well – I have a feeling the tension in the three spools was also different, and sometimes one of the films would relax – the result being one of the frames on one of the film strips being in a totally different place on the film to the other two strips – does that make sense??

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