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A bit of portrait photography…

Not much has happened in the world of photography this week (my little world that is, I know the latest Canon pro camera is out – so if anyone wants to give me ¬£5800, let me know…) – I didn’t manage to make the most of the Autumn sun – no pictures of copper coloured trees I’m afraid. The only real chance I got was a few minutes in the garden before setting off to B&Q to do some grown-up stuff – not exactly what the doctor ordered.

The sun was good though, and I managed to get a pic or two of P, with the help of a reflector – they turned out quite nice methinks.

I really want to do more portraits – just need someone who wants to be photographed.



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A walk in the sun…

A lovely sunny day in Birmingham, so it was time to jump in the car and visit some of the sights. Brum is a much maligned place really, some areas, like in every big city, are pretty grim, but there is a lot to float ones photographic boat.

Today’s theme was industry and canals – the two going hand in hand really when you think about it – there is a roundabout in the centre of the ring road that I must have driven past a hundred times, but I’d never noticed that there is a huge industrial beam engine slap bang in the middle of it! I loved the shapes, and with the wide angle lens chucking in a wee bit of distortion, it made some pretty pleasing pictures.

After shooting the engine, it was time for a nice walk along one of the many canals of the area (more than Venice don’t you know!) – they can be a bit tricky to shoot sometimes, always having the same sort of angles when shooting downstream (is that possible on a canal?), but I was lucky that there was the odd bit of vegetation to snap, and the light was pretty wonderful – all in all,¬†success!


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Moseley Bog!

It’s a Flickrmeet week, and this time it’s off to Moseley Bog (I’d link to Wiki, but it appears to be not working!) an area I’d not heard of before . It’s one of the many patches of green in the city, and this one in particular was home to JRR Tolkein as a child (well, not home as such, but possible playground…) It was looking promising when we set off, some blue sky and even a glimpse of sun – but as soon as we entered the bog, all hope was abandoned.

It was dark!

That said, with high ISO you could get the odd shot out, but any chance of using the three tonne film camera I’d dragged along had to be abandoned – I really need to pack a bit more carefully – my back hasn’t yet forgiven me… I’m pretty happy with the photos I took though – today’s pic being my fave, possibly of the year. I’ve played around with tones in photoshop to give the final effect. I may have to print it out.


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A nice trip to Wolverhampton…

It’s not somewhere I’ve really been too much – granted I’ve seen the odd band play, and every few months there is a camera fair at the racecourse, but the city centre is pretty much new to me. It was a camera fair week, and once I’d spent my pennies on an assortment of random film bits (some good buys though!) those of us from the Birmingham Flickrmeet who were in Wolverhampton decided to head off into town to take some photographs.

There are some pretty interesting buildings in town, Victorian, Art Deco etc, but, maybe because it was a Sunday afternoon, the place had a bit of an odd, almost run down feel – not sure really what it was but it wasn’t the most inspiring of visits – the day was grey though, so a sunnier Sunday may have been completely different.

We wandered, shot some and then went to the pub – what more do you fancy for an afternoon?

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