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 47/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Time for a macro shot…

During last years 365 project I learnt to love the macro shots, close ups of a bit of stuff lying in the kitchen or the garage – so I broke out the 60mm lens again but forgot the cardinal rule I learnt in the rush to hit the Friday deadline!

The scrap of unusual mesh was rescued from a bin at work, and is a beautiful work of art in itself, but unfortunately it was covered in dust that wasn’t really visible when I was taking the photograph – blown up on the computer screen however, it was filthy, and 2 minutes of careful cleaning before taking the photograph would have saved ages cleaning the picture in photoshop. By the time I’d uploaded the picture it was beyond the time rules I’d set up (in my own head of course) so I couldn’t re-shoot – boo!

For those interested, the wire mesh was manufactured by the Sankey Green Wire Weaving Co Ltd, Thelwall, Warrington (and one of the reasons why the Warrington Wolves RL club are known as the Wires methinks). It’s an old sample of Stainless FMB (whatever than means!) in a very 60’s packaging, the whole thing was too good to throw away – Specify ‘Sankey Green’ to be sure!



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 46/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

It’s a Flickrmeet weekend!

I’d lost my photographic mojo (phojo?) a bit last week – the pics from the old theatre had depressed me somewhat – I’d had brilliant ideas for majestic angles and panoramas, but only after I’d left the building, and it was much too late to do anything about it.

I licked my wounds in the Lickey Hills for a while, wandering about off on my own for an Autumnal walk – much more my cup of tea, and a bit of enthusiasam seeped in, but I did wonder how it’d all pan out, being that this weekend it was a Flickr walk around Brum. They can be hit and miss a bit the Flickrmeets, from a picture point of view – the weather and the location are somewhat unpredicatable, especially in the winter months as we don’t plan where we are going, so it can be a bit, er, random.

I was in luck – the sun was shining, the light was beautiful, and although Digbeth was the final destination, we got there via Millennium Point and the canals – Phojo fully restored, and I think I got some decent pic – I do like architectural shots – it’s something to do with the lines and geometry of the whole thing, but I was pretty happy with the outcome. It all ended with a pint in the Anchor – what more could be better??


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Past glories…

Up with the lark (for a Saturday anyway!) and off to the bright lights of Hulme, Manchester. It’s a road trip with Dan and a new mate Chris to the once fabulous Hulme Hippodrome, an old theatre that’s seen some better days.

Dan had got permission from the owner for us to wander around and take some shots, and Tony was there to let us in – he’s got a job on his hands – it’s a grade two listed building, and to say that it needs some work is a bit of an understatement – just to get rid of the dead pigeons and their plop would take an incredible effort, and that doesn’t even touch the leaking roof or the rotten floorboards. It’s such a shame, because in its heyday it must have been fabulous, all plush velvet and gilded stucco – but not being used since the eighties has really taken its toll.

The intention was to get some decent shots that captured the mood of the building, but as usual, I wasn’t 100% satisfied with the shots that I produced – I never really got an overall shot of the place I was satisfied with – there were one or two details that were OK, but nothing that captured the whole, even with my Sigma Wangle (wide angle lens for those scratching their heads at this point)  – I had brought a wide angle pinhole camera to try and get a good vista shot, but the lighting was so dim that the exposure would have been an hour and I didn’t have a locking shutter release – schoolboy error methinks, as I couldn’t stand there for an hour pressing the button!

If I ever get back there, a stitched panorama is the order of the day, and this time I’ll make sure the shots are clear before I take them!

Good luck to all involved with the restoration though.


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 44/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Back to a statue pic!

I can’t go too long without a trip to a cemetery, and it’s been a while for me, so a chance visit to an art shop (purchasing pinhole supplies – more to come later 😉 ) via a new road in Brum and the stumbling across an undiscovered graveyard was an alignment of the cosmos or something – I had to didn’t I?

Unfortunately the cosmos was slightly askew, and the angel statues I’m always fond of shooting were pointing in the wrong direction (with respect to the sun, obviously) – I’d left my handy assistant at home, so there was no one to hold the reflector I’d also manage to leave behind – what was I to do?

Luckily for me one grave was positioned ‘correctly’ and I was able to get a shot I was reasonably happy with – but what the picture doesn’t show is the thousands of ladybirds covering almost every surface – red ones, black ones, yellow, two spotter, 5 spots, thirteen – any you can imagine – really quite strange – at one point Mary had a little red tear, but I thought it better in black and white.

I do like wandering around these graveyards – I wonder why…

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