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 52/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Last of the year!

Time to wrap up the Project 52 – with 52 shots in the bag! All the pictures this year have been a bit diverse, with no real theme, but the project has done what was intended – got me out of the house with camera in hand – and so I’m quite happy. It wasn’t the intense slog that 365 was, and for that I’m truly grateful.  Sometimes I wonder how I quite found the time last year to take all the pictures I did.

Next year, however, it’s going to be different. There will be a theme – so you will just have to wait and see!

The final pic is of my god daughter Sarah – technically it’s not the sharpest in the world, but I do like it. I’d been trying a lot of bounced flash pics with mixed results – but much better than most flash shots I’ve previously taken though!

See you in the new year!



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 51/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

End of an era…

I’ve always been a bit of a dough boy – any yeasted bread product really gets my juices flowing, so to speak, and these toroidal bundles of joy are my favourite of all time. Unfortunately, however, all of this bread really doesn’t help my ever expanding waistline, so come the new year I’m going to have to cut down. As a final fling I thought I’d stuff the toasted bagels full of roasted chicken wings marinated in a mix of jerk seasoning and paprika, add a few slices of tomato – tis almost cordon bleu! – and what’s more, they were lovely.

I thought I’d use the food as a prop and take the opportunity to road test my new Christmas present to myself, a set of Elinchrom studio lights – I know, a bit extravagant, but I’d just sold my soul to the company I work for and some of the thirty pieces of silver I received went towards the gift. I didn’t really have too long to mess about as I wanted to munch on the sarnies, but it was enough to make sure everything was working OK. They came with softboxes, and the light that comes off is nice and diffuse – ideal.

Just got to learn how to use them properly now!


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 50/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

It’s time for a bit of Bratwurst!

It was a Flickrmeet weekend, and as the German market was in town, it was decided to have a combined day time/night time meet – a wander around the law courts followed by a spot of lunch and then off up to the sausage-fest.

Typically the days of low winter sun have disappeared and been replaced by the grey reality of a December in Birmingham, so I can’t say I felt the love whilst sheltering from the rain for the first half of the meet – but as the sun went down (I’m assuming it did, although I don’t think anyone witnessed it…) the lights went on and Birmingham shone. It is a lovely city, even without the market, and at night it is even better – there is just something about illuminated buildings that I love. The market is great too, and although photographically I’ve struggled in the past few years, this was much better, and pretty well attended by the Flickr group – the Floozie was lit up, as were the council buildings, and a couple of merry-go-rounds all added to the occasion – nice! I’m glad I carried that tripod around for the whole of the day, as it meant I was able to try some of the long exposure shots.

And the sausages are pretty good too!


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49/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

The big trip re-visited!

Six years ago P and myself travelled through Europe in a camper-van, a fantastic experience, and one of the positives was that it was during this trip that I rediscovered my love of photography with the purchase of my first digital camera – my bank account has never recovered 🙂

One of our stops was in Florence, and there in the main square was a statue of Perseus and Medusa by Cellini – I’d taken some of my favourite photos of the trip there, it’s a wonderful piece of art, and I guess it’s one of the pieces that ignited my love of sculpture photography,so it was somewhat of a surprise to find out that a copy of it existed an hours drive from the house – a trip was organised!

Trenthem Gardens is a formal Italian garden, originally designed by Capability Brown, and home to the statue – we were lucky, some beautiful sun and a cafe when the things got too cold – 300 photographs later, and we were about done. Fab!

Hopefully one or two of them will come out!


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48/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Portrait of a young man.

It was a christening weekend for me this weekend, and I was on godparenting duties (very honoured!) but made the horrendous mistake (that’s two photography related cock ups in as many photos!) of forgetting my flash – very silly boy.

It did mean that any shooting of people in the reception had to be done a pretty high iso as the lighting was pretty dull, especially for small fast moving relations – the photo in today’s selection of my nephew Matthew was taken at iso2500 (and a rare moment where he stopped still!), which I think has turned out pretty well considering. I turned it into a monochrome shot just because I liked it like that rather than to hide any colour noise issues normally associated with high iso stuff.

I feel strangely guilty about not having the photo of the week my goddaughter Sarah, but there wasn’t a shot better than that posted in a traditional portrait style – there will be more opportunities I’m sure!

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