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 4/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

The ruined belltower…

I’ve passed this church a hundred times and always liked the look of it in the distance, but this is the first real time I’ve looked around in any detail – scandalous really, as when we first moved to Brum we lived in a camper van for 3 months parked about 200 yards away!!

The bell tower is completely hollow, and I’d always assumed the same could be said for the rest of the church, but it isn’t the case, the building is complete! It doesn’t exist as a house of worship mind you, as one source on the interweb suggests it was sold off for offices for an electrical contractor in 1992 – so does it count as a church and should it be included in the project??

The fact that I have no other shot of a church like structure for this week means that it does!



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3/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

A hidden Gem!

After a Sunday stroll around the Warwickshire countryside we noticed a reference to the village church of Lapworth, (which for some strange reason was miles away from what I’d thought was the village), so of we trotted to see what was on offer. I’ve been round the area a few times but had missed the references to the church, and had no idea it was tucked away down a little country lane.

It was a beautiful place, in a crumbling sort of way, and the setting sun was bathing it in a rich golden glow – very nice.

It got me wondering just how many of these little village churches are tucked away out of site – I guess part of the fun of the project is to see how may we can find!

St Mary the Virgin, the parish church of Lapworth traces a history back to the tenth century AD, when when a Saxon wattle and wood church stood where the nave now stands. In AD 1100 a stone church existed on the site of the present nave and chancel; the succeeding nine centuries have given Lapworth an outstandingly beautiful  church. Building which began in the 12th century continued at intervals over 300 years so that the general impression now from the outside, is of a 15th century church.


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2/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Number two in the series of 52 Churches – although it begs the question, is a Cathedral technically a Church? Probably… It doesn’t matter anyway – I decided the project spans all forms of religious worship, so maybe next week we shall feature the Duck and Goose 🙂

A freezing night in Worcester with mate Dan – it was a case of stumbling around in the dark through some serious post flood mud, but pretty happy with the way the pictures have come out. Looking at this pic – it’d be good with 50 exposures blended together to give curving star trails, so I may have to go back on the next clear night with a rather thicker coat.

Worcester Cathedral is a beautiful building, looking very Gothic from this angle, but containing many styles stretching back to Norman, not really surprising when you think it was built between 1084 and 1504. The first Cathedral on the site dates back to 680, but alas, nothing remains of that structure now. The cold got to us before we could get any close ups of the building, and at one point the mist coming over the Severn river covered the user, camera and lens in a fine layer of water – not really ideal for those crisp photos required, and not a dry lens cloth in sight – something to put on the shopping list, as my glove probably isn’t the best substitute!


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 1/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Another year starts!

As I hinted at in the last post, this year is going to have more of a theme, in an effort to make the photos more of a collection – and this year’s theme is, surprise surprise, places of worship! Who’d have thought that eh? Though I’m not limiting myself to ‘churches’, which is what I was thinking initially – there are many mosques / synagogues in the locale which may get my photographic attention – but whatever I do I’m going to try and make them interesting pics whatever the style – there is a rather uninspiring box round the corner from me which would be pretty dull shot as just a frontage, but I may be able to squeeze out an interesting pic if I get a fair wind…

The church in today’s pic is St Nicholas Church, Beaudesert – which oddly enough is just a skip down the road from it’s co-parish church of St John the Baptist on Henley in Ardens’s High Street. This originates from the 12th century, and there is a beautiful Norman arched entry door, and a similar arched chancel entrance – apparently the east window is the best example of an unrestored Norman window in Warwickshire. I’ve been through the village a hundred times, yet never knew this existed. Part of the project I’m looking forward to is discovering beauties like this!

This shot is an Infra Red pic, taken with my modified camera – it makes the skies a beautiful black, which contrasts nicely with the light brickwork – I like it!

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