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 7/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

A Flickr trip to Moseley.

Another cold grey day, so I didn’t really relish the thought of wandering along the rather uninspiring road from our Flickr HQ towards Moseley – I can’t say I was much interested by the piles of rubbish on the floor, or the bowls of veg in the shop window – but as we stumbled across a couple of churches I thought I’d be able to kill two birds with the one stone and get my weekly shot in – and I did!

This is St Mary’s in Moseley – medieval in origin, being build in 1405 (Wikipedia – I love you!!) Interestingly, the tower contains eight steel bells, originally hung at St Marie’s, Sheffield (now the Roman Catholic Cathedral), where they were replaced by traditional bells after only 12 years of service because of the dreadful noise they made. The steel bells were sold to a local Moseley businessman who presented them to St Mary’s in 1874. I don’t know if they were particularly appreciated being they were so awful, or even if the story is true, as it’s not mentioned here!


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