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 34/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Trial shot…

A few months ago, late one night I’d been looking through my old pictures, both digital, and film, with some being from my Yashica medium format camera, and I’d been really impressed with the quality of the film pictures.

When I say quality, I don’t mean the sort of thing normally bandied around in some web forums – corner sharpness, 100% crop, and all the associated waffle that some people seemed to get over concerned with (normally the people with technically wonderful shots, but leaving something to be desired on the content front – not that I’m claiming to be any sort of master photographer by any means!!), but just that the film pics seemed to have a bit more character than some of the digital stuff.

Anyway, to cut a long and boring story short, I decided that night to purchase myself a medium format SLR camera – the Yash is brilliant, but you are limited by it being a single focal length camera, so I wanted something with a bunch of interchangeable lenses, to give me a bit more flexibility.

After a bit of research and a lot of looking around at camera fairs and e-bay, two (!) Bronica SQ-Ai’s  dropped on the doormat a couple of weeks ago (actually they were delivered next door…) and so it was on to trialling them, just making sure they actually work. It was a happy accident – I’d lost a bid on a full kit including camera and 3 lenses and a whole bunch of other stuff, so I bid on a single camera which I won. I was then offered a second chance on the original kit which seemed too good to turn down, and voilà, you can’t move for cameras in the house now!

They do work, and this pic is from an hour spent in the garden messing around with lenses and an extension tube – it’s going to be an interesting learning curve!


It’s not over!

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Calvary Xanten, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Just because the project is over, it doesn’t mean it’s all over!

I’ve spent the last few days, freed from the stress of having to take, process, upload and blog a picture a day to get round to the stuff that has been mounting up in the background. I’ve spent the time scanning various films that I’ve taken throughout the year – I’d managed to process them which is relatively easy, but the scanning has always been a bit trickier, it just seemed to take up so much time.

Now I’ve actually got my finger out, it was relatively easy, and I’m now up to date in the film department, and just need to go out and take some more shots. I’d forgotten how much I like the graininess of the film, and the odd feel of the Holga shots in particular.

The above pic is taken with a pinhole camera (ie it doesn’t have a lens on the front, just a small hole) and would usually take a wide, medium format, film – I’ve modified this particular one to take a ‘normal’ 35mm film so that the light hits the whole width of the film, sprocket holes and all! It makes for a rather strange pic, but this one has turned out really rather well – the nature of the pinhole shots means that the picture is not massively sharp – it looks quite blurred if you look closely, but that is the nature of the beast!

Until the next thrilling instalment….


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183/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Definitely over halfway now!

Spent the day, amongst other things, in processing some films that have been hanging around for far too long now. I’d bought a couple of bits and pieces to help me with the processing, the most useful being a 20ml syringe – doesn’t sound like much (and for 15p it wasn’t) but it has made the whole job of processing so much easier – the developer I use is a super thick concentrate – it has the advantage of lasting ages without going off, but it is, as the description suggests, really quite thick.

Measuring out the 16ml up until now has been very difficult if you only use a 10ml measuring cylinder – but with the new invention it’s reet easy. I even bought 20 of the things thinking that the rubber nobbly bit (of the syringe) may not last – but yesterday, when they arrived, realised it doesn’t even have a rubber nobbly bit, so may last for ever!

You may get to see the pics soon if you’re lucky, but I have a couple of other films to process first 😀


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100/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

100 up!

Not only that, but it’s the 1000th  pic posted to Flickr 😀

In celebration of this gargantuan effort I made the most of the sun in the garden and took a load of pics with 3 different cameras. It was always an intention to see if I could take photos with a film camera, process, scan and upload all on the same day, and today was that day 🙂

I’ll actually have to re-scan the film at some point as there are some unpleasant water marks on the film – I’ve managed to clean it up a bit in photoshop, but it’ll do for the moment.

Taken with the Yashica, and a couple of close up filters, I’m quite happy with the way it has turned out, but to say that it’s easier with digital is an understatement!

Other pics in the garden can be seen here – I’m liking them.

I can now watch Saints vs Quins 🙂


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74/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

It’s been a while….

…. since I’ve taken some photos of my assorted camera bits and pieces,  and as I’m feeling a bit uninspired and tired tonight, I thought I’d take the easy option 🙂 It’s an e-bay bargain, costing about 5 quid, and the photos it takes come out really quite well (here and here).

Dating from the 50’s and from Leeds it’s lasted well, it’s a folding camera and takes a medium format film giving nice large negatives – call me daft, but it took me almost half an hour to find the shutter release when I first got it – it’s hidden away in the folding flap – I’d even posted on a forum for some help before I realised where it was 🙄

I hang my head in shame 😀

Ooh! Yesterday’s snowdrops!


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63/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

The Plastic Fantastic!

This is a collage of Holga pictures – it being the camera in the centre, a cheap Chinese medium format film camera with a plastic lens – it gives a quirky image, sometimes with truly terrible (in a good way!) vignetting (black shadows in the corners) and very blurred edges to boot – not everyone’s cup of tea, but I really like it – I’ve even started processing the films myself, fun fun fun. All part of the low-fi movement – sometimes digital pics can be too clinical!

The originals can be seen here…

I haven’t really cheated even though the majority of these photos were taken last year 😉 The centre pic was taken tonight, and the films scanned relatively recently on the new film scanner (thanks Mum, Matt and Phil!)

I don’t think the arrangement works quite as well as the TTV equivalent, maybe it’s the lack of the black borders, but I still like it 🙂


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39/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Feeling pretty crappy tonight, so I thought I’d take an ‘easy’ shot, and at the same time have a play with some of the bits of kit I’ve acquired recently. This shot is of my fave film camera of the minute, ‘pimped’ up with some of the accessories I purchased at the fair yesterday 😀

It’s not particularly easy to see, but there are a couple of additional lenses screwed onto the front of the camera to help focus closer – hopefully it’ll help to produce nice head and shoulder portrait shots. The remote cable is attached to the camera via a Leica Nipple.

The photo is taken with a couple of flashes shooting through umbrellas to give the relatively flat light – I’m pleased with how it came out – now I’ve just got to clear up the mess in the dining room 🙂


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33/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

I thought I’d give you all a break from pictures of objects lying around the house, and instead go for the Lo-Fi approach 🙂

A self portrait taken with an old school polaroid camera – unfortunately the film hasn’t really stood the test of time – it does produce a kind of quirky image, but I’m not sure even my mother would recognise me – maybe that’s the point 😉

I did think about cheating and putting this picture forward – but as I didn’t take it today that wouldn’t really be cricket now would it?


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28/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Happy Days!

I got my ‘better’ camera back from Canon today, and it is fixed 😀

The lens stopped working properly over Christmas, but I had to send the whole lot back to get it sorted. As a result I’ve been without it since pretty much the beginning of the project. Not that the backup isn’t any good , but it’s not just the same – (the backup is actually smaller and lighter, and normally that’d be a good thing right? Nooooo!)

The pic today illustrates the extremes of my (obsession) photography at the moment – the Zeiss Ikon was made in the 1930’s and belonged to my Great Grandfather – it has a film in it and despite it being a bit battered, I’m hoping that the pics come out – maybe this weekend! They’ll come out square – how cool!!


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26/365, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

As my photographic assistant has deserted me for an evening of modern jive today, and short of any other willing victim subject, I’ve had to resort to taking pictures of myself in the hope that my portrait / flash photography will improve. I do apologise – but I have intentionally cropped off the top half of my head to save you from the sight of my bald pate, so be thankful for that at least 😛

This evenings workout shows I have a lot to learn unfortunately – I’ve managed to salvage something, but it needed a close crop and black and white to help hide all the crappy bits. But it’s only the start of the journey 🙂

The camera in the pic is my latest favourite toy, and dates from the 1960’s – it’s in pretty good nick, and I’m hoping the photos it takes aren’t bad too – we shall see pretty soon…

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