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 9/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.


There is something, in my mind anyway, about graveyards and churches that goes incredibly well with Infra Red shots. I had an old camera that wasn’t really doing much, so I had it converted to take infra red pictures – it’s a bit of a path of no return, as you can’t take ‘normal’ shots after – so if you don’t like it – tough!! The colours straight from the camera look like the above  pic, mainly browns and reds, but the grass turns a lovely white colour. Most people convert the shot straight to black and white, but I love these tones – very atmospheric, so I think they are really missing something. Funnily enough though, if you take a shot with studio lights, everything turns out blue!

I may be visiting this site a bit more in the next few months – there are signs that daffs are on the way (last year it was a sea of yellow, but I missed it by a month!!), and after that, tis bluebell season!



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 1/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Another year starts!

As I hinted at in the last post, this year is going to have more of a theme, in an effort to make the photos more of a collection – and this year’s theme is, surprise surprise, places of worship! Who’d have thought that eh? Though I’m not limiting myself to ‘churches’, which is what I was thinking initially – there are many mosques / synagogues in the locale which may get my photographic attention – but whatever I do I’m going to try and make them interesting pics whatever the style – there is a rather uninspiring box round the corner from me which would be pretty dull shot as just a frontage, but I may be able to squeeze out an interesting pic if I get a fair wind…

The church in today’s pic is St Nicholas Church, Beaudesert – which oddly enough is just a skip down the road from it’s co-parish church of St John the Baptist on Henley in Ardens’s High Street. This originates from the 12th century, and there is a beautiful Norman arched entry door, and a similar arched chancel entrance – apparently the east window is the best example of an unrestored Norman window in Warwickshire. I’ve been through the village a hundred times, yet never knew this existed. Part of the project I’m looking forward to is discovering beauties like this!

This shot is an Infra Red pic, taken with my modified camera – it makes the skies a beautiful black, which contrasts nicely with the light brickwork – I like it!


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 39/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Still powered by snot- unfortunately 😦

The sun was out, and there are still a few leaves on the trees, so I thought I’d break out the infra red camera and wander down to the church. It’s been clad in scaffolding for most of the year whilst the spire is fixed, so I haven’t been able to take the pic I wanted – a clean spike poking through a sea of white leaves – but the steeple is slowly breaking free from it’s surroundings, just as the leaves are dropping, so I thought I’d take a look.

The pic straight out the camera has these lovely brown tones, but a bit of photoshop makes a fab black and white photo too. Another bit of photoshop magic (effectively swapping the red channel for blue) gives a slightly more ‘normal’ pic – the sky is blue, and you still get the white leaves – which one do you like?

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