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 12/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

A day out in Lichfield.

This was a shot grabbed in a few spare minutes as the weekend deadline ticked down – I set myself some ‘rules’ for the project and this is when I realised I haven’t taken a shot in a week and panic sets in! It was a nice church, although spoilt slightly by the cages over the windows – chavs don’t like stained glass it seems!



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 10/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

A bit of blue sky!

I made the most of the soon to be disappearing free Friday afternoons, to wander over to the scene of last weeks photo, I could see there was going to be a sea of daffs in the graveyard, but they weren’t quite cooked  – maybe next week they’ll be ready 😉 I can’t have three weeks with the same subject (can I?) so I got out the trusty OS map to look for dots and squares with the associated cross – sign that a spire or tower is nearby.

This is a place called Dordon, which despite the terrible traffic, has a lovely little church, and even more joyful was the sight of a bit of blue sky – we’ve not had much of that recently, and it was a nice addition to the picture. I don’t have very much info about the church unfortunately, apart from the fact it is made from brick and it had some nice shaped windows!


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 9/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.


There is something, in my mind anyway, about graveyards and churches that goes incredibly well with Infra Red shots. I had an old camera that wasn’t really doing much, so I had it converted to take infra red pictures – it’s a bit of a path of no return, as you can’t take ‘normal’ shots after – so if you don’t like it – tough!! The colours straight from the camera look like the above  pic, mainly browns and reds, but the grass turns a lovely white colour. Most people convert the shot straight to black and white, but I love these tones – very atmospheric, so I think they are really missing something. Funnily enough though, if you take a shot with studio lights, everything turns out blue!

I may be visiting this site a bit more in the next few months – there are signs that daffs are on the way (last year it was a sea of yellow, but I missed it by a month!!), and after that, tis bluebell season!


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3/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

A hidden Gem!

After a Sunday stroll around the Warwickshire countryside we noticed a reference to the village church of Lapworth, (which for some strange reason was miles away from what I’d thought was the village), so of we trotted to see what was on offer. I’ve been round the area a few times but had missed the references to the church, and had no idea it was tucked away down a little country lane.

It was a beautiful place, in a crumbling sort of way, and the setting sun was bathing it in a rich golden glow – very nice.

It got me wondering just how many of these little village churches are tucked away out of site – I guess part of the fun of the project is to see how may we can find!

St Mary the Virgin, the parish church of Lapworth traces a history back to the tenth century AD, when when a Saxon wattle and wood church stood where the nave now stands. In AD 1100 a stone church existed on the site of the present nave and chancel; the succeeding nine centuries have given Lapworth an outstandingly beautiful  church. Building which began in the 12th century continued at intervals over 300 years so that the general impression now from the outside, is of a 15th century church.


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 1/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Another year starts!

As I hinted at in the last post, this year is going to have more of a theme, in an effort to make the photos more of a collection – and this year’s theme is, surprise surprise, places of worship! Who’d have thought that eh? Though I’m not limiting myself to ‘churches’, which is what I was thinking initially – there are many mosques / synagogues in the locale which may get my photographic attention – but whatever I do I’m going to try and make them interesting pics whatever the style – there is a rather uninspiring box round the corner from me which would be pretty dull shot as just a frontage, but I may be able to squeeze out an interesting pic if I get a fair wind…

The church in today’s pic is St Nicholas Church, Beaudesert – which oddly enough is just a skip down the road from it’s co-parish church of St John the Baptist on Henley in Ardens’s High Street. This originates from the 12th century, and there is a beautiful Norman arched entry door, and a similar arched chancel entrance – apparently the east window is the best example of an unrestored Norman window in Warwickshire. I’ve been through the village a hundred times, yet never knew this existed. Part of the project I’m looking forward to is discovering beauties like this!

This shot is an Infra Red pic, taken with my modified camera – it makes the skies a beautiful black, which contrasts nicely with the light brickwork – I like it!


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 52/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Last of the year!

Time to wrap up the Project 52 – with 52 shots in the bag! All the pictures this year have been a bit diverse, with no real theme, but the project has done what was intended – got me out of the house with camera in hand – and so I’m quite happy. It wasn’t the intense slog that 365 was, and for that I’m truly grateful.  Sometimes I wonder how I quite found the time last year to take all the pictures I did.

Next year, however, it’s going to be different. There will be a theme – so you will just have to wait and see!

The final pic is of my god daughter Sarah – technically it’s not the sharpest in the world, but I do like it. I’d been trying a lot of bounced flash pics with mixed results – but much better than most flash shots I’ve previously taken though!

See you in the new year!


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 51/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

End of an era…

I’ve always been a bit of a dough boy – any yeasted bread product really gets my juices flowing, so to speak, and these toroidal bundles of joy are my favourite of all time. Unfortunately, however, all of this bread really doesn’t help my ever expanding waistline, so come the new year I’m going to have to cut down. As a final fling I thought I’d stuff the toasted bagels full of roasted chicken wings marinated in a mix of jerk seasoning and paprika, add a few slices of tomato – tis almost cordon bleu! – and what’s more, they were lovely.

I thought I’d use the food as a prop and take the opportunity to road test my new Christmas present to myself, a set of Elinchrom studio lights – I know, a bit extravagant, but I’d just sold my soul to the company I work for and some of the thirty pieces of silver I received went towards the gift. I didn’t really have too long to mess about as I wanted to munch on the sarnies, but it was enough to make sure everything was working OK. They came with softboxes, and the light that comes off is nice and diffuse – ideal.

Just got to learn how to use them properly now!


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48/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Portrait of a young man.

It was a christening weekend for me this weekend, and I was on godparenting duties (very honoured!) but made the horrendous mistake (that’s two photography related cock ups in as many photos!) of forgetting my flash – very silly boy.

It did mean that any shooting of people in the reception had to be done a pretty high iso as the lighting was pretty dull, especially for small fast moving relations – the photo in today’s selection of my nephew Matthew was taken at iso2500 (and a rare moment where he stopped still!), which I think has turned out pretty well considering. I turned it into a monochrome shot just because I liked it like that rather than to hide any colour noise issues normally associated with high iso stuff.

I feel strangely guilty about not having the photo of the week my goddaughter Sarah, but there wasn’t a shot better than that posted in a traditional portrait style – there will be more opportunities I’m sure!


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 47/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Time for a macro shot…

During last years 365 project I learnt to love the macro shots, close ups of a bit of stuff lying in the kitchen or the garage – so I broke out the 60mm lens again but forgot the cardinal rule I learnt in the rush to hit the Friday deadline!

The scrap of unusual mesh was rescued from a bin at work, and is a beautiful work of art in itself, but unfortunately it was covered in dust that wasn’t really visible when I was taking the photograph – blown up on the computer screen however, it was filthy, and 2 minutes of careful cleaning before taking the photograph would have saved ages cleaning the picture in photoshop. By the time I’d uploaded the picture it was beyond the time rules I’d set up (in my own head of course) so I couldn’t re-shoot – boo!

For those interested, the wire mesh was manufactured by the Sankey Green Wire Weaving Co Ltd, Thelwall, Warrington (and one of the reasons why the Warrington Wolves RL club are known as the Wires methinks). It’s an old sample of Stainless FMB (whatever than means!) in a very 60’s packaging, the whole thing was too good to throw away – Specify ‘Sankey Green’ to be sure!


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 45/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

Past glories…

Up with the lark (for a Saturday anyway!) and off to the bright lights of Hulme, Manchester. It’s a road trip with Dan and a new mate Chris to the once fabulous Hulme Hippodrome, an old theatre that’s seen some better days.

Dan had got permission from the owner for us to wander around and take some shots, and Tony was there to let us in – he’s got a job on his hands – it’s a grade two listed building, and to say that it needs some work is a bit of an understatement – just to get rid of the dead pigeons and their plop would take an incredible effort, and that doesn’t even touch the leaking roof or the rotten floorboards. It’s such a shame, because in its heyday it must have been fabulous, all plush velvet and gilded stucco – but not being used since the eighties has really taken its toll.

The intention was to get some decent shots that captured the mood of the building, but as usual, I wasn’t 100% satisfied with the shots that I produced – I never really got an overall shot of the place I was satisfied with – there were one or two details that were OK, but nothing that captured the whole, even with my Sigma Wangle (wide angle lens for those scratching their heads at this point)  – I had brought a wide angle pinhole camera to try and get a good vista shot, but the lighting was so dim that the exposure would have been an hour and I didn’t have a locking shutter release – schoolboy error methinks, as I couldn’t stand there for an hour pressing the button!

If I ever get back there, a stitched panorama is the order of the day, and this time I’ll make sure the shots are clear before I take them!

Good luck to all involved with the restoration though.

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