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16/52, originally uploaded by ChrisSinn.

A day out in the park!

It was a sunny day, I wasn’t at work – what more could you want but to go to the park and have a sit in the sun? I’d looked at the map and noticed a bit of green not too far away from home, so I thought I’d grab a few cameras and head off for an inspect.

I really need to be a bit more selective about what cameras I carry mind – about half an hour in I was absolutely knacked, I don’t think I really needed every camera lens I own, but having said all that, I did almost use some of them – and even ended up with some nice pics, so it made it worth it!

The pic above is another infra red jobbie, and I’m really enjoying the format – black and white with a bit more oomph! I’d taken this pic normally but both the colour and the black and white versions lacked something  – convert to the IR camera, and the sky turns black and the leaves turn white, and it’s just enough to make an interesting scene – I’m really looking forward to use it to take more of the church shots, and as a bonus, it seems to be focusing properly with the different lens attached- hurrah!


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